Warhammer lore junkies question. Which Witch?

Okay, so we have a bright wizard and she rules and while a different wizard is unlikely as a new charecter. It is fun to think about. Which other school of magic do you think would translate best to ingame and why?

Personally I could see a metal wizard going well. Buffs to swords and armor maybe. Summoning lines of swords out of the ground? Just like, turn an enemy into metal and hurl them…(basic enemy not like a CW odviously) a metal wizard could be fun


I’d love to see a Lore of Heavens caster. They use a lot of other elemental spells like Wind Blast which would make a great ult; damage and knockback in a big cone, and could be upgraded to freeze or electrocute enemies at level 30. Chain Lightning would be awesome to cast into a horde, or summoning icy spears to crash down on them.

The whole “see the future” thing could allow for some unique stuff, too, like maybe alerting you when you’re targetted by a special or knowing when a boss is going to spawn . . . something like that.

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Not bad, sounds kinda awesome

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A caster with the Lore of Shadows, although, a vampire would be best… I think her name starts with a G… :heart_eyes:

But yea, seeing the “The Penumbral Pendulum” swinging through a horde of rats <3 It would have to be nerfed to all hell, but it’d still be cool to see. Or even the “Pit of Shadows”, sucking a whole wave of a horde up into a black hole, very nice. The Lore of shadows has some interesting debuffs as well. Slowing and staggering enemies, screwing with their minds, dropping their armour and attack power, etc. And buffs, which give speed increases, or give armour piercing and damage buffs to allies by making their weapons magical. So, there’s plenty there for ULTs, but if it was to be a dedicated magic caster, I dunno how the staffs would work?

Humans, Wood Elves, Dark Elves and Vampires can all use it.

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Yeeeeeees! Most satisfying spells ever (in Total War at least). Would love to see a slightly scaled
down version of these in Vermintide.

Fixed that for you. :slight_smile:


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