War God skiven

So I’m sure you guys have heard plenty about error codes being thrown to whole teams on ps4 and not being able to connect with fellow heroes right after playing a match with them so I thought I would bring up a different problem. The skiven and northmen that are blessed by the chaos God and just don’t realise it. There seem to be some of the enemies that sometimes when fighting are blessed with immortality. This is a problem cause those sneaky rats hide in the horde a lot of the time so while you cleaving away at the horde you’re hit. Luckily to counter this there is alway a fellow teammate that is also blessed at the same time with the power to smite the immortal sliver or northman. The only problem this causes for my team is we take unnecessary damage in a horde encounter that could be avoided. So I was just wondering if it was possible to just put an aura around the enemy that is blessed and the teammate that is blessed so we can allow the two chosen ones to square off in a duel to determine the more powerful god

Hi Calvin, my apologies for the delayed response. Thanks for reporting - we’ll look in to this.

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