Psyker and blessings of Nurgle

The Psyker needs the means to temporarily control the blessings of Nurgle enemies and boss。Any other profession can do it。

They venting shriek immune, or trauma staff immune? Actual question.

I’m not sure how to test this without going into an actual game right now unless creature spawner has that option somewhere.

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Also, when overheating, they should have a chance to receive a blessing of nurgle. :smiley:
Overheat again to turn into a Daemonhost.
Though I’d like to second the question: How are they different from other classes?
I usually assumed those enemies are just extremely resistant to stagger, and, as I mainly played Psyker, I just don’t try to actually do that.

I can knock down most of the nurgle blessed enemies on vet with VoC, but that’s about it.

Wouldn’t surprise me if ogryn has at least a couple ways of doing it.

Don’t know about Zealot. I use dagger, and just kind of mindless M1 spam to put massive bleeds while I’m clearing, and I haven’t run into any issues basically ever so idk.

IndiCrusher probably has a good chance of doing something that thing has insane stagger.

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My understanding is they cannot be staggered or stunned by any Psyker ability or staff. I recall complaining about Smite immunity on Nurgles Blessing mobs was its own recent thread, and they were asking if it could be changed from immunity to high threshhold for CC, which made me assume that they really are just immune to Psyker CC.

Personally, when I’ve tried the modifier, I think I was running Surge or Trauma and had no effect beyond damage on Nurgle blessed mobs? Did not test it in depth though, as that experience made me avoid that modifier, so it’s been a while.

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