Stagger/suppression doesn't work (purgatus staff)

So I’ve got a purgatus staff with terrifying barrage on it which just simply does not stagger goddamn shooters.
Especially not shotgunners.
Just ended a run in of high intensity Heresy in which a group of shooter plus two shotgunners spawned in front of me. I flamed them all. All of them were enveloped in soul-blaze fire, with no exception. I still got shot down 'cause they just were not staggered consistently, especially the shotgunners. They were jittery but they could still shoot.
Is it just me or is this problem shared?

'Cause if it’s by design then buff Purgatus. At the very effing least it deserves to be able to stagger decently. Especially when having terrifying barrage one.
If it’s a bug y’all better fix it asap please, life a Psyker is already miserable enough…

If you want a flamer that actually staggers, you’ll have to… play Zealot.

But also in general shotgunners dgaf about any kind of stagger 90% of the time. They also often move at 500kp/h when they first aggro. In general, they’re quite buggy. Or designed by a very bad, evil and naughty person.


In another post we had a bit of a back-and-forth about the state of Psyker gameplay me and you, and I defended it 'cause I love the class and its potential.
But the more I play t4 and up the more I realize that you were right in sustaining that Psyker is not an optimal class to play (not at high difficulties).

Purgatus is less effective than a normal flame-thrower for its damage, range and suppression capability. And it is one of the strogest if not the strongest Psyker staff.

Psyker does not do anything better than the other classes, except arguably ammo management, and he’s penalized terribly by his incredible squishyness in all scenarios.


Ah fair enough. I didn’t recall your username, but probably the ‘generic’ profile picture makes it more difficult to tell users apart.

Yeah Psyker isn’t unusable in any way, but I’ve been playing T4 and T5 pretty exclusively for quite a bit now, and whenever I play Psyker I feel a lot weaker than my Zealot and Vet. (Still don’t have an Ogryn so I can’t and won’t comment on how they are).

The talent tree is just a bit of a mess, as are BB and the warp charges. Purgatus is probably the best staff, just from a perspective of being the only staff you can actually build for in talents, and being the ‘least bad’. It’s also the only staff where toughness per warp charge makes any kind of sense.

Purgatus used to be able to stagger a poxburster with LMB. Not anymore, at least not consistently. I found that out a couple days ago in a very painful way. Probably the staff’s stagger was stealth-nerfed or something.
It seems that FS staff is doing something at least.