Purgatus ranged

I’m not sure where gameplay suggestions go (Or if Fatshark reads these tbh) but I was purging some heretics and considered for a moment: Could there be a variant or a change to the purgatus staff so my soulfire spewing fellow psykers have a ranged option?
I was thinking:
Hold rmb and left click as usual does the flamethrower as usual
hold lmb will charge a fireball you can throw like the staff in Vermintide
Quick click still does the little puff I don’t think anyone really uses much

It’d be nice to have more options for soulblaze builds

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Feel free to use assail or brain burst for distant specials.
If the staff that counters hordes would also allow you to snipe specials, why ever use anything else?

Well, I’m not suggesting for it to be great at both just to have an option especially if it’s the only staff that mainly applies soulblaze.
The voidstrike is good at all ranges, no complaint about that
The surge staff is pretty good at all ranges, no complaint about that
The trauma staff has a wide AoE meant for hordes and a ranged option
I don’t see why the purgatus can’t also have an attack with more range

Even Assail just got nerfed a bit to be more reasonable but is still a horde clear attack that can snipe specialist

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Anyone who uses the staff well, does use this attack.
It can stagger most elites and specials.
If a bunch of ragers run at you, just spam left click at them a few times and they stop.

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I use the left click ALL THE TIME.

It has higher and quicker stagger than the right click. I honestly wouldn’t want to lose that.

There is an equivalent weapon, which is the Zealot flamer and it doesn’t have a ranged option.

And the Zealot needs to give up their longer range to use it, their knife blitz somewhat helps, but it isn’t as long range as wither Assail or Brain Burst which we have.

The Purgatus is one of my favourite weapons as it is, especially when I pair it with Brain Burst and Psionics. We can do everything like that.

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IIRC the zealot flamer has like 50% more range than the purgatus though.

Not sure it’s 50% when both at max cloud radius. And it doesn’t need absolute parity because again, Psyker has other tools for range that Zealot doesn’t have, like I already said before, Brain Burst, Assail and in a way Wildfire increases its range too.

I mean even then it would be nice to just have one that had the flame as m1 but the m2 charge is a big fireball with an explosion rather than a solar range stream.

It’s why I also think it would be nice to have a surge variant that hits 1 target and shocks a few targets around that one.

Having more options for longer range staffs would be nice that aren’t just void strike.

30m range vs 20m range seems like 50% to me. The weapon shouldnt be less effective because psyker has access to brain burst as a “ranged option”. Should a zealots melee weapon be less effective because the zealot has access to “melee options”?

Wildfire does pathetic damage, It acts only to prime the enemy with soulfire to get them to higher stacks faster, it is incredibly disingenuous to label wildfire as a way to increase the range of purgatus. Go into the psyk and see how much 4 stacks of soulfire do to a trash mob.

In fact soulfire in general is far undertuned compared to the current iteration of bleed.

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