Purgatus Staff vs Purgation Flamer

I made a short video comparing two similarly high stated weapons against a Beast of Nurgle in the damnation Meatgrinder. The results are really incomparable, I just don’t understand. Why is the Zealot’s flamer, an off hand weapon unsupported by feats, so much stronger than the Psyker’s Purgatus staff, their main weapon requiring several feats to boost?

The Psyker needs to first get some warp charges, then charge and release to shoot, not to mention managing peril to avoid instant death. Whereas the Zealot just holds down left and right click the entire time but kills it twice as fast. It isn’t relevant in the clip but the flamer has a max range of 23m compared to the purgatus staff’s max of 16m.


flammer is just overtuned


You can also tap in M2 to basically increase the burn time/damage per mag by around 40%. Purgation is the most overpowered weapon in the game and its downsides are so non existent compared to an infinitely cleaving 23m deathray.

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Lmao, I kept expecting you to ult as Zealot and for this to devolve into discourse about that, but no, flamer is just that OP. Jeez

Zealot flamer is strong sure. But the Psyker flamer is 100 times better. It’s not always the pure Dps.
The right feats, curios with 12% combined abbility cooldown reduction and well timed micro quell and Psy Wrath can let you keep up constant warp flames into endless horde at a 380 degree circle around you.

ENDLESS Ammunition is worth more. And as a bonus, the blue flames do not block the Veterans Volley fire Targeting System to make him loose visual on the important targets that are out of reach for the flames.

Any player with enough finesse to get the maximum performance out of the Purgatus Staff would always be significantly more effective with the Zealot’s Flamer. Zealots too can constantly keep everything in a 360 degree circle burning, except the radius is 23m instead of 16m. If they don’t waste ammo overkilling everything they won’t run out of ammo anyway, making the only real advantage the Psyker has irrelevant. Assuming they’re smart they’ll have an ammo crate on hand incase. In the worst case scenario where they finally run out of ammo, they’re still a zealot with a tanky melee focused class kit to fall back on.

It doesn’t matter that the flamer makes it harder for a vet to kill their priority targets when those targets are about to burn to death anyway.

The only real downside of the flamer, imo, is that it makes the game much less fun for your teammates. The only real reason to play the Purgatus is if you enjoy the challenge.

Disagree. Unlimited ammo means nothing. I have never run out of ammo on the flamer because I loot the map. There’s such an overabundance of ammo on every run if you spend time looting.