Psyker Purgatus Staff

I love this staff, it’s super fun to use and works great with my build, unfortunately for some reason it doesn’t count as a warp attack even though it is a force staff so feats like Warp Absorbtion is useless. I mean all the other staffs are warp attacks so why is this one any different? I heard the damage over time burn is the part that isn’t a warp attack which also doesn’t make much sense since this fire was made by a force staff.

There seems to be a lot of issues currently with it, for the longest time it couldn’t crit (though I hear it can now?), it doesn’t seem to count as a warp attack, it’s m2 essentially blinds the user, etc.

I really want to make the Purgatus staff work, but the damage is so mediocre that it’s painful to use. The Soulfire DoT seriously needs a buff in either damage or max stacks in order to make anything soulfire related even remotely competitive past T3 (even at T3 I think it’s lacking).

The fact that I have to blast the weakest of chaff enemies for a full two seconds to kill them is ridiculous. I understand the low base damage of the staff is entirely on purpose, as the DoT is supposed to do the work. However, the DoT is barely pushing out significant numbers even after a full m2 sustained blast.

Pleeeeaaaaase Fatshark, up the damage for Soulfire DoT.


Yea, the fact it somehow doesn’t count as a Warp Attack is such a drawback to it that I found it cool until I noticed that, making it ultimately pointless to me since you need that Toughness regen, and the Warp Attack one is usually the best feat.

Its pretty much a direct copy of the flamethrower and easily the highest dps staff/weapon you get as psyker. Its true power doesnt come online until lvl 30.

It doesnt do warp damage so its not bugged. It does soulflame damage.