Was the Purgatus/soul blaze also nerffed?

Was the Purgatus/soul blazef also nerffed as part of the tweak?

  • Lower burning DoT damage from all sources vs. Flak armour from 200% to 100%

I’m seeing conflicting info on weater or not it counts as “burning” or not


Yes it was.

Don’t answer questions confidently if you have no idea what you’re talking about :+1:

So? Maybe?

Not maybe, 100% it was. The person who said otherwise even deleted their comment because they realised they were wrong.

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I don’t think it was intentional though.

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Oh you sweet summer child.


Oh welp, I really thought they were only aim at Flamer lmao.

I’m not really a Psyker main so I don’t have much say but I really like my Purgatus/Deimos soulblaze build too so maybe I’ll try it out again if I have time.

So in a nutshell, they messed up and nerfed the Purgatus staff for no reason?

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Yes. And Ascendant Blaze. And Wildfire. And Wrack and Ruin. And Blazing Spirit.


I hope they hotfix this, it nerfs so many Psyker Builds.

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lol, I was literally just leveling a Psyker and enjoying the Purgatus staff build. RIP me I suppose.

It’s hilarious too because they spent months and many patches getting psyker into a great feeling spot.


I quickly tested it. With 3 BB applications on elite/specials you still kill a lot of flak enemies around them, assuming you hit them three times with Wrack and Ruin. That was with Wildfire. Not bad, both are still a valid choice if you want to run Kinetic Barrage and lets say Psykinetic’s Aura. Fairly niche, but slightly different from just instantly blasting them into pieces with something like Trauma.

Wrack and ruin and wildfire were already considered underpowered compared to some of the overperforming feats they compete with before this nerf. All this does is make them even more niche than they were before.
Needing to do twice as much work just to kill flak enemies on a feat combo that was already underperforming compared to it’s competition is definitely considered bad.

Sorry, but neutering build diversity like this isn’t the way to go. I’m fine with FS nerfing the flamer, but I’m not fine with that nerf unintentionally spilling over and nerfing things for other classes that were already underpowered. Like Infernus or the psyker soulblaze feats and blessings.

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Away from the lasgun, the other stuff is still strong in waveclear which is its purpose i guess. That it shouldn´t deal that great with armor is pretty obvious to me.

And the lasgun is still pretty strong anyway so…

Psyker got hardbuffed with the last bigpatch, this is clearly a minor to no issue.

Achshually warpflame shouldn’t care about armor at all as you’re burning the persons soul with warp energy rather then literal fire.


Any patch that nerfs less popular builds and hurts build diversity is an issue. Just because we can play the meta options doesn’t mean this was an acceptable change. Why should I be encouraged to pick the overpowered warp unleashed even more? Options are a good thing, and this patch is taking those away for no good reason.

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I seriously dunno what FS´s thoughts have been behind warp-unleashed but that´s another topic… i still want it reworked with utility or extra “boom” on staves instead of pointless X% damage.

The tweak is fine and that says someone who has played ascendant blaze + smg from begin, when all claimed both is useless. It´s there for waveclear in the first case. And that elites become elites again is a good thing. We need more of such tweaks.

Also about Purgatus… i mean, poeple considered it to be meta from begin. And since the flamethrower got a bunch of nerfs, yes purge might need to have this tweak aswell. Both are still strong anyway.

It really doesn´t kill build-diversity. It´s just in the players head to run “the best possible option” and the most don´t even try out stuff or use it wisely, because hey… there are either guides you can check out, or there are “easy and obvious” choices.

You’re missing the issue here. It being worse on elites is fine, it’s flak shooters and bruisers that now resist it noticeably too much. It genuinely does hurt build diversity because 6 stacks AND power boosting with your melee blessings is now necessary to make AB kill flak trash as it used to. Again not elites, basic shooters and horde mobs.

Wildfire was already a questionable pick now it really is just restricted to blazing trauma and illisi, and even there it’s mostly just contributing charge generation, very little actual damage. Wrack and Ruin was certainly murdered moreso by the idiotic warp unleashed buff than this, but I’d say now that it doesn’t even meaningfully contribute to killing flak shooters around gunner elites you BB and probably won’t even help hit breakpoints against flak Ragers that is the last, and sizeable nail in its coffin.

You and I both agree Psyker has been over buffed. They don’t need indiscriminate random nerfs that mostly hurt the weaker builds as this change has. They need a targeted nerf to the stuff that was tuned up too far in the tools of war patch. My Deimos + Autopistol build I was using long, long before the tools of war update (with a knife rather than Deimos previously) doesn’t give 2 sh!ts about this nerf, it’s literally unaffected. My blazing spirit Trauma build which isn’t in the same solar system of effectiveness by comparison noticeably does care about it. That’s a pretty clear sign they nerfed the wrong thing entirely.

So yeah I think defending this nerf is wildly unreasonable, and frankly makes it look like you’re just annoyed by Psyker being over buffed (again something I agree with), and are now just happy to see them brought down indescriminately regardless of which builds are actually affected.

TBH Purg build is the strongest use of soul blaze and it clearly cares the least about the change. It can just shoot a bit longer to build enough stacks to kill targets anyway. AB, Wrack and Wildfire don’t have that luxury.


I´m aware that it´s about flak-armoured and not just elites in general. But i still don´t really have an issue with it. We´re talking about armored enemies, so yeah they should be way more resistent against any fire-effects out there.

I wouldn´t say they´re weaker, just not the obvious choice in general. What´s outstanding is still warp unleashed and reworking it to all damage sources made it even worse in kind of balancing than before. Get ride of it and replace it with something meaningful in another way and suddenly everything will be fine across the feats. (Probably lower the peril-management slightly to make more use of the 6% resistence feat aswell.)

Seriously no. As i´ve said i played soulblaze from beginning. Even my normal FS sits on it since beginnging since it came with it. I still try to get higher crit-blessings so.

It´s just how i look at balancing and the enemies. I truly get the point you and others make. But if you´re able to press a button or that 3 stacks of soulblaze are able to kill 80% of all enemies, then i don´t think it´s a good design in its core.

While the overall variety between the enemies seems fine, a bunch of them are just copy & paste with or without armor. And unless you want do math and check breakpoints, you mostly don´t even mention a difference from those who wear armor or not when you slay through them. (Unless we talk about Ogryns / Carapace.)

So yeah i do see chances to tweak the difficulties by making different enemies more outstanding through stats and development in their defensives without making them bulletsponging or killing-machines.
There are other weapons needing some tweaks aswell and then we´ll have different weapons, tools and effects doing there job without being able to deal with everything super well. Imo it´s only carapace which is a nightmare for a bunch of weapons, but this is a joke if that´s just 1 1/4 enemy rarely on the map.

We just need to start somewhere and i hope other minor tweaks will follow.