What is "Soulblaze" effect in the Psyker feats?

No clue what this is, no explanation in game. Worth leveling for?


Theres no damn tooltips on anything…

It makes people burn blue, so im ASSUMING its some sort of a fire burn effect, just blue

Looks neat, not a damn clue what it precisely does

Same with most non-obvious thing in this game



It’s a Damage Over Time effect, think “burning”. Later on you can get access to the training area to test things out on enemies and see what damage numbers look like.

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Interesting, thanks for the tip on the training area, didn’t realize that was there!

At least we know it looks neat! lol. Agreed on more tooltips please

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IIRC from the closed beta, killing elite enemies with brain burst has a chance to cause nearby enemies to receive a DoT for a few seconds.

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You can test it in the Meat Grinder

At first i wanted to do a Soul Blaze focused build

So i brought that to the test chamber, and realised they’re DoT with a 7 damage tick

Entirely wortheless, don’t bother until Soul Blaze is buffed to a level that can at least kill a trash mob in less than 10 seconds


I’ve seen claims that the damage from soulblaze follows some non-linear curve regarding the number of stacks. I’m unable to test until later tonight. Either way, the 2 stacks from wrack and ruin seem worthless since 2 stacks seem worthless on their own and the AOE radius from that skill is very small. If the non-linear damage is true, you’d need to catch enemies in multiple overlapping AOE zones. Which just isn’t practical with such a very small radius around each elite target.

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The Soulblaze applied by talents does indeed have exponentially increased damage relative to stack count. From my tests I’ve concluded that increasing stack count by 2 doubled the damage. I’ll add more data to this later.

The Purgatus Staff also applies an effect that visually looks eerily similar but isn’t affected by the exponential damage increase. From what others told me, the Flames by Purgatus count towards Soulblaze talents but I have yet to test this so take that with a pinch of salt.

Overall Soulblaze IMHO is highly situational and very niche. If you find a combination of weapons, perks and talents to consistently apply Soulblaze Stacks to the same target, you can absolutely melt high health targets like Bosses and Monstrosities. From my tests so far Soulblaze isn’t really useful for anything else.

The more stacks of soulblaze you put on an enemy, the more it hurts. It’s a non-linear scaling. 6 stacks of SB burn any shooter or chaff 100 to 0 on Damnation difficulty.
Using your ultimate with 6 warp charges and the Ascending Blaze feat ignites and kills every trash enemy up to ~30m away. Great for waveclear.

Over something like 6-7 seconds which is mostly useless

It would be if Psykinetic’s Wrath didn’t stagger and knock enemies prone.