Soulblaze. Whats up with that?

When I first saw it I knew I was going to focus on soulblaze.
But … whats up with Soulblaze? It feels extremely inconsistent and weak. Sometimes the pretty fire mows down half a horde, the next it takes 2 full channels to kill a basic enemy.
I did some testing on dummies and oh boy.

A fully charged staff flame channel on elites caused one target to take 2 damage per tick and another for 10 damage per tick. Neither of which could even kill the most basic enemy on malice difficulty.
Tried it again, now one target took 50 damage per tick and the other 101 damage per tick.
Then again. 20 and 60 each.
2 and 100 each.
2 and 4 each.

The scale seems to be all over the place and completely random.
Tried it with the traits Wrack and Ruin, Kinetic Overload and Ascendant Blaze. Same results, anywhere from 2 damage per tick up to 100 damage per tick.

Its way to inconsistent and most of the time way too weak. I dont know how many stacks are max but if I can stack 4 with kinetic overload and those 4 stacks do 2 damage per tick then something is wrong.

In my opinion soulblaze should either have a fixed base damage per stack, maybe something like 25?, and each stack adds to that damage. Or do a % of hp damage per tick per stack. I dont know, but it definitely needs to be more consistent and not do 2 damage… ever.
Oh and the flame attacks from the staff need to apply soulblaze 100% of the time, the charge attack should apply a stack ever 0.5 seconds so it actually does decent damage in time.


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I am using Ascendant Blaze because other are much weaker in that row. Soulblaze is weird and random but if you applay it to whole horde it can add a lot of DPS.
Kinetic Overloard is weak and alternative feats are much stronger.
Wrack and Ruin could be strong but on higher difficulty killing specials/elites with BB is not efficient most of the time. I tested purgatory staff but it is not good weapon in game with a lot of range enemies. It should apply soulblaze always to compensate.

DoTs should tick for a percentage of enemy health, like 10% on hordes, 2% on elites 1% on specials, and 0.2% on monstrosities. Just let it do some work.

This is what I’ve been running on Heresy (4 bars.) I actually really like Kinetic Overload over 6 stacks of warp charge.

Really it comes down to: Are you running Peril Resistance per stack or not?
If yes, sure, go with 6 stack,
If no? Why bother waiting for extra stacks when you can roll deep in the DPS with a free overwatch?
Overload doesn’t require line of sight, it can stack with itself forever (though even 3 applications will near instantly kill a Reaper.) Damage stacks are weird and scale much, much faster at high stacks than you’d think. Now add those stacks to your Purgatus flame stacks too. Its wild.