Voidstrike can stun lock monstrosities

I love the void strike and it definitely did need a buff but I think you’ve gone a bit too far with this patch. With warp flurry and repeated head shots I can stun lock plague ogryns. I think this works on chaos spawns and nurgle too although it’s a bit trickier. Seems pretty over powered to me.

I do want to add that without this stun locking trick it doesn’t seem like psyker has much options for doing damage to monstrosities. I would hope to see brain burst used more for high single target dps. I think in the games current state you could just raise the damage on brain burst (by like double maybe?) and it would be a lot more viable.


I do feel like stunlocking monstrosities should be less prevelant. Rare even.

Seems like something that should take a considerable amount of coordination from multiple players. I don’t think a single player should be able to completely disable a monstrosity.


I think vermintide did it well in that you could only stun monsters with limited explosives or with your active abilities that were also on cooldown. I guess the trollhammer could stun them too, but it was basically an extra grenade.

I vibe ogryn punches and the new zealot talisman. But agreed.

Imo those two are completely fine though, since they are quite limited.
Ogryn punches only work against the chaos spawn afaik and require you to get into melee range.
The zealot ult is an ult with a cooldown, and it deals no damage.

But stunlocking any boss by spamming a ranged weapon at it, seems a bit too much.


I reiterate that according to 40K lore (both the tabletop ever since 1st edition, and RPG games), force weapons in the hands of psykers do catastrophic damage to demons.

I keep wondering why the thunder hammer can decimate bosses, but charged attacks with force weapons do not.

They could buff the dmg against monstrosities with force sword special attacks to make swordplay more viable against monstrosities, and then make another blessing(or a talent) that massively increases it against demons specifically (such as the plaguebeast and daemonhost).

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This isn’t new behavior, Voidstrike has always had this interaction. It suddenly feels wrong in a similar fashion to 2 shotting crushers. As the resident boss bullier the only thing different this update (beyond new class mechanics) is that the bully club can no longer do this.

You know I never tried it on monstrosities before because bb was far better dps. I think even if this isn’t new behavior it should still be nerfed.

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