Getting Stunlocked; Infuriating mechanic

Getting stunned and locked in place by enemy fire is making me want to join the enemy ranks as a Rager. Getting hit pins you in place so you can’t move fast enough to prevent getting hit again? and locked in place again? And move 1.6 cm? Hit Again? LOCKED IN PLACE…

is abysmal design.

Couple with flames being obscene toughness damage is making me very cross indeed. I don’t need rage inducing chemicals to be an arcoflaggelant or Rager, just keep me pinned in the open by enemy fire so I can’t do much about it.


Yeah the stunlocking from ranged enemies needs to go, it’s a bad mechanic.

I havent even seen any explanation for why it was added. Not only are there far more ranged enemies than V2, now they’re all pinpoint accurate, cover doesnt work and a single one can stun you to high even if they catch you with your toughness down. Feels overly punishing with little recourse (especially as an ogryn that struggles in ranged encounters)

It’s especially bad for the zealots who are expected to go out there and make the enemy enter melee in the first place. I’ve seen so many people run out with eviscerator just to go down to enemy fire because they mistimed their push and got stunlocked. It just gets worse at higher difficulties too where the amount of ranged enemies in a single encounter is practically a hoard.

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In the current build it’s made even worse by the dodge nerfs, dodge stopping stamina regen, slow sprint speed and chip damage through toughness. If we had the tools to avoid all the nonsense with skillful movement (like it was in closed beta) the game would be much more enjoyable. I find the ‘can’t be stunned in melee’ feat on Zealot an absolute necessity on heresy/damnation and that shouldn’t be the case either.