Can we talk about stunlocking from range attacks and how unfun that is on Zealot? And why range attacks still cancel Zealot Ult when its whole purpose is to close the distance while getting back Thoughness?

I mean I want to see Devs playng Zealot on Diff 4-5 and trying to use Ult to get to range enemies. It’s riddiculous that ULTIMATE ability, with long cooldown is being canceled by some trash mob with lasgun. Also being stunlock all the time by range weapons that can in second delete 150 toughness on Diff 5 is just not fun at all. Veteran Ult is not canceled by range fire, I don’t see why Zealot ult is.

Please at least make Zealot Ult not being interrupted by range enemy fire. The whole purpouse of that Ult is to close distance when needed and engage in melee. Hard to do if half time it’s cancelled and you just sit in the open half-distance made and being stunlock by range attacks.


I couldn’t agree more. Zealot needs to have stun protection while dashing. OR it’d be great if the feat that eliminated stun on melee attacks and increased speed applied to ranged attacks too.

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As a Zealot player, I’ve had this conversation with my friends several times. I feel like the Zealot class was made to tie up ranged gunners but stun from melee and ranged just CRIPPLES this class. If Zealot just had a passive that was straight up, “Never get stunned” it would provide so much more utility for a team comp. I get if FS doesn’t want to remove stun entirely but make the class that that was built to TAKE damage have free movement on the map.

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