Zealot's charge shouldn't be interrupted by ranged damage

What’s the point of having a charge to be able to reach the backline if this charge stops when you take damage from the backline ?

Because of this nonsense, the best use of this ability is to dash to a cover or use it to get a Crit on a big ennemy that you’d have reached easily by walking anyway.

Zealot’s design just feel like it belongs to a completely different game, there are just so many of his core concepts that doesn’t work at all with the base mechanics of darktide…


Let’s go further and say the anti-stagger perk should apply to all damage, not just melee.

The ranged horde spam on high difficulties combined with stunlock where you can’t even move or attack is plain unfun.

Hitscan, rapid fire enemies, ranged horde spam, stunlock, ranged enemies shooting and sniping through hordes… I mean seriously, WTF.

At a deeper level, AI shouldn’t be able to fire through themselves, and the stun itself is nuts, especially when dozens of enemies are firing.


not only ranged damage, it is interrupted by absolutely everything. The dash ability of zealot is broken, in the closed beta you could dash through enemies, now you stop at everything, you touch th slightest dust and it interrupt your dash…zealot special ability is useless


yeah this is a really big issue with the ability at the moment. this is an ability that needs to be reliable and consistent, and right now it really just is not at all. and it really sucks because when the ability does manage to work correctly it’s really useful, and i think for the most part zealot could be in a very good place right now, but the fact that the ability can sometimes just end up being basically useless is a pretty major issue, and it’s not really a problem with any other of the main abilities. And especially with how important it can be to be able to close the gap with ranged enemies to get them into melee, this ability being able to be made useless by getting shot is just really awful.

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fatshark is really trying to overbalance everything lol

thigns don’t need to be perfectly balanced as long as they are fun

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Dregs shooting through trash has me not bothering with high difficulty, it clearly wasn’t play tested at all. The meta is suffocating and 90% of the ranged options are worthless either for not being able to aim or kill effectively.

But at least in VT2 enemies would kill other enemies by firing straight into a crowd of their own troops, which makes the standard lasgun/autogun trash far and away the most dangerous enemies in the game. It doesn’t help that they utilize cover better than you and instantly fan out to cover an area in criss-crossing instant toughness breaking gunfire. If there has even been an all Ogryn diff 4 clear I would be amazed, 5 is certainly impossible.

I am not 30 yet with Zealot, however I rarely have an issue with the charge, actually.
Maybe it’s me not seeing the issue, but I also want to be sure… You do know that if you actually aim an ennemy (even at mid/mid-long range) when triggering your charge, it will actually go spot on on that guy, pushing aside other ennemies ?
Even a Mauler get pushed aside. All Ogryn ennemies however blocks you, but it feels normal to me…

When holding your charge key, you can see an aim indicator, encompassing the guy you want to rush.

EDIT : Using that, I can hardly remember times when it did stop my charge when getting hit. The one time i remember was a sniper shot, but once again, feels normal to me, as it always deals a huge knockback.
Please enlighten me if I’m wrong here.

I agree except for sniper fire. The Zealot gap closing charge should not be interrupted by standard gunfire. it feels terrible to hit your charge only for you to get shot, charge cancelled, and then PUSHED BACK. Only for you to be out in the open getting decimated.