Ranged fire shouldnt stunlock/stagger

I have been pushed out of cover by one guy shooting, and then the rest of the squad mowed me down.

Ranged weapons shouldnt stun/stagger its silly a single bullet can stop a zealots charge which is meant to be a gap closer. and the fact it stops sprinting to stop you closing the distance.

The damage of ranged enemies is ENOUGH of a penalty, they dont need to also staggerlock you and prevent you from moving.

They also shouldnt interupt weapon animations like reloading, and the worse of all for psyker is a single las hit will reset a fully charged stave, and dosent refund any of the perils, this makes the uninteruptable staff perk essentially mandatory.

Cover is too sparse, or flat out dosent cover enough of your body to work. so many cover spots leave you open, or have a hole in the enemy can shoot through. and this isnt even taking into account enemies flanking.

This is the single biggest unfun issue TBH.