Heavyweight Champion Penance rollback

Hello Support Team.

Me and my friends were playing through a Heresy difficulty mission trying to complete the Heavyweight Champion Penance on the Ogryn. I got the checkmark for the challenge and we continued on towards the end of the mission. Once we were on the scoreboard, all of us got kicked out of the server. I was very excited while logging onto the game and seeing my Ogryn in the flashy armor but i suddently discovered that the challenge was incomplete and i now have to do it all over again. Can you fix this for me Fatshark?

Lol nice try bro. :smile:

Sorry mate, we’re looking in to the issue of Penances not being awarded on disconnection/crash, but I can’t manually resolve this for you.

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Yeah i guess i’m just gonna have to kite those Ogryn’s again whilst my teammates eliminate the trash. Its almost impossible because they never spawn 4 together, at least not in Heresy. Ive tried getting it again a bunch of times but its just way to difficult man :expressionless:

Ok no problem. I finnished the Penance after a couple more tries. We had the same issue with our Psyker where he had to solo a monstrosity with the brain burst ability and we got disconnected. For now we are just waiting for the game to release because all of us are having pretty frequent crashes during the Beta and its just impossible trying to complete some of the penances while continuously crashing and disconnecting from games. Thanks for the response though and keep up the good work :smiling_face: