Heavyweight champion penance

This penance need a serious rework, it’s impossible to have 6 orgryns at the same place, not being immediately obliterate by allies and stack together… If this miracle happend (i got it twice in 70+ missions with my ogryn…) tjere is always a dog or a muties to ruin your only chance…
Hate this penance…

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It’s that topic again.

Let me introduce you to a wild concept. Do not attempt to actively hunt for the in-game achievements. Just play the game. Virtually all achievements I have done, INCLUDING the Heavyweight happened naturally during gameplay. I completed Heavyweight when buying us some time in an ambush when the horde dragged in multiple Ogryns from around the corner. Quickly looking at the game page on Steam, I have 2 “achievements” missing. I couldn’t care less.

In-before “don’t tell me what to do” voices: stop complaining about nonsensical game content which clearly prevents you from fully enjoying the actual game.

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Yeah, the game could really use some ogryn doomstacks. I mean it!

Congrats, but your experience is not a reflection of what people can reasonably expect.

I’ve just been playing the game, no premades (my discord group jumped ship in a month). No asking for rando’s help, and comfortably playing Damnation hi-intensity.

In 4 months of playing this game I have never seen 6 ogryns in a room. Every time I see the cosmetic on someone in game I do ask and most responses I’ve gotten said they had friends help kite bulwarks across maps looking for the rest and a few who told me they got it in the beta when the count to complete was 4.

Also grats on caring less, but also caring enough to be annoyed by people who don’t care as less as you do, I guess?

i have very ez fix for that - just dont play ogryn XD

I can’t block your shots if i do that

Ecks dee

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