Ogryn Heavyweight Champion Penance

Please make the Heavyweight champion penance easier. I have a level 30 in all 4 classes and I have never even SEEN more than 3 ogryn in one place, even on heresy difficulty with the endless horde modifier. I’ve been playing since the open beta, and have only ever seen 2 ogryn ever that actually have the chestpiece to signify that they did the penance. While some other penances can be frustrating, they are doable with a bit of time and coordination, whereas this one is just flat out impossible. Please reduce the number required!


The highest natural spawn I’ve seen is a group of 3-4 and others came in with the Horde, but they were so staggered that my Team would have had to kite them for the entire fight just so I could run them down. You need a premade team, a lucky spawn of 3-4 ogryn AND 2-3 more to come in with a Horde, but wait theres more! Your team has to survive and not kill them while fighting off a Horde.

It just feels like its entirely geared towards making me buy shop cosmetics to look cool because the ones for free are attached to an extremely rare occurrences and require my team to work with me for something only I benefit from cosmetically.

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The free cosmetic penances are poorly balanced and require luck or a premade to setup very specific situations for you. They also don’t seem balanced relative to each other. The Ogryn malice and below penances are actually really easy compared to something like the Sharpshooter.

Just managed to get it through sheer luck.

On Damnation Low-Intensity on Relay Station TRS-150. Almost right at the start of the map, just after you press the button and enter the first set of tight corridors, we immediately startled half a dozen (or more, couldn’t really count them all since they blocked all sight) Ogryns. This was with PUGs, only one player other than me had loaded in, so half the group was bots. So, this was pure luck, no planning or strategy or real skill involved either, just having the feat that increases charge distance and allows your charge to pass through Ogryns.

So, my best suggestion is: Just keep running low-intensity damnation matches. Preferably on maps with tight corridors. Beyond that, pray to the RNG like I did, or get a group.

Really? Play damnation more.