Want to show you my Mordheim mercenary band

A Vermintide friend of mine gifted me a copy of Mordheim and I want to share with you the mercenary band I made, sporting the colors of the Reikland.


Id love a Mordheim game but in K8P

Dwarf vs Skaven vs Goblins

Then as Dlc they could introduce Human/Empire as Mercenary Warband
Orks as Mercenary Warband for the Goblins
Chaos Marauders as Mercenary for the Skaven

Other Warband could be adventurer or something trying to find loot

Fantastic game, but man… Mordheim RNG is a special kind of evil.

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Yeah, my captain suffered a near death experience, is amok, has a concussion, a broken jaw and lost a leg. And he’s one of the lucky ones.

I was easily able to level my secondary leader and my last henchmen playing without heroes/impressive and avoiding ambushes though. The second to last mission was brutal. After that I played with lucky charms on everyone :slight_smile:

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And now… skaven! (also made to look as vermintide-y as possible)


cute lil’ furry rats owo uwu

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