Goblin Slayer Version of Vermintide?

Okay so hear me out here. I may be some absolute nobody who has never made a forum post around here before - But ya’ll Fatshark Forum kings and other Forum Champions, just hear me out of this one.

Imagine Vermintide - But it’s Goblin Slayer. Now to understand this you kinda kinda need to know what Goblin Slayer is and if you want to look it up, leme just warn you that if you are the type of person who has a mom that ever said “You are a sensitive soul my dear” to you - Then you should not check Goblin Slayer out but… We are here slashing Skaven up and s*** so I belive there ain’t many sensitive souls around here.

Now back to the topic - It just hit me the other day. Would it not be cool with like a Spin-off style game or just an insane MOD; hell even a DLC of sorts (If licensing can be fixed ofc and all that yazz) - that turns Vermintide into Goblin Slayer?

Now while that may SEEM like it would be DO-able just as a re-skin I figured / a mod. What if we made some tweaks considering how I think a Goblin Slayer style of Vermintide game could have some differences that could cause for a significantly different experience.

Of course before I rattle on about that - The basics. From here on and out you kinda need to know what Goblin Slayer is before you get the WHOLE picture although general RPG knowledge may just have you understand the majority.

So let’s dive into some more “In-detail game mechanic” stuff.

Goblin Slayer like Vermintie effectively has a “main cast” of 5 character - Some of which almost has IDENTICAL parallels to each others and some which does not. Since ya’ll ofc know about the Vermintide Cast, leme quickly talk about the Goblin Slayer characters and list off how I imagined they could work.

"Goblin Slayer" / "A Really Really angry Kruber"

Goblin Slayer is your regular frontline kinda guy. He has a Sword, a Shield and he loves slaying Goblins. Say that he is locked to wielding a Sword (Or any one hander) and a Shield for his main weapon - sorta making him be a “main tanky” style guy. (But not the ONLY tanky guy, dw) - His secondary weapon could be something ranged like a stone sling shot or maybe some throwing kives. I feel like everyone having a “ranged option” is important yet Goblin Slayer’s alternative weapon would be more of a tool to pull inn targets or slay some of the weaker minions via head-shots as they are approaching.

He could have the passive traits of that:

A: Slaying Goblins builds a small damage boost which diminishes over time. Since this is a “slay hordes” style of game it would have to be balanced out with a rather high diminishing rate to not be broken I’d imagine.

B: Upon death, Goblin Slayer just ain’t f***ing done and get’s back up, granting him a small window of invulnerability to slay whoever delivered the final blow on him. Should Goblin Slayer land the killing blow on said Goblin that killed him: he will get back up and won’t need external help to get up from being taken down. This would of course need to have an internal cooldown of sorts + the window should be so short as to make Goblin Slayer want to aim straight for whoever killed him instead of using the few seconds of invincibility to just kill everything around him.

His Career Skill could be your good old “My eye is glowing red now and omfg you are so damn dead frenzy” - Sanding Goblin Slayer into a somewhat rage state where he moves faster, deals more damage but also takes more damage. While in this state; Goblin Slayer can not die.

"Priestess" / "Sienna who saw the light"

The “Caster” of the Crew - Priestess would be THE character who somewhat would require a Goblin Slayer style game like this to alter from Vermintide as she would be capable of healing her allies WITHOUT the use of med packs (Something which I imagine would be busted in Vermintide) - Of course there are limits to this so hear me out.

Sort of like Sienna who BUILDS a Fire Overcharge meter and will be punished for going over board - Priestess will have it the other way around and will have a sort of “Mana” function in addition to having a set amount of “Miracles” she can preform.

Her main weapon staff would have a “melee attack” option but it’s default setting would be for her to consume some mana in order to smite holy light up to a decent distance in front of her - While this is not exactly a trait of hers from Goblin Slayer - I think a “limit” like this for her would be necessary to balance out her “miracles” function. + She would need a ranged attack option. Mana would slowly be re-gained over time like with how the Overcharge slowly decays over time.

Her secondary weapon slot would be held of for one out of multiple miracles - Meaning that with how some characters swap weapons for their main and secondary weapon slots - The Priestess switches out what miracle spell she can use and this is something I imagine could lead to all sorts of awesome set-ups.

The Miracle function would be like how it is from Goblin Slayer; she has a max amount of miracles that can be used before she is out of “power / charges” yet I figured that like how the 4’th slot in Vermintide is for different potions; these potions in the Goblin Slayer version could have a chance to be an empowering potion that replenishes Miracle charges for the Priestess.

Now let’s say a group of new players may feel confident having a Priestess who uses a Miracle Heal spell that let’s her heal her allies for a set amount of health.

A more experienced group who is better at juggling med packs and who does not necessarily need the healing may want a Priestess with a Barrier miracle which will let her split up large packs of Goblins or maybe even just block a horde off for a while, giving your team a moment to patch up before a battle.

Maybe some maps like Vermintide ones would have extremely dark areas and getting a hold of a torch aint always that easy so you could have a Miracle that lights up the area for a while; this could also blind Goblins - Making them wander aimlessly for a short while; or maybe just swing their weapons around like mad due to the confusion.

If Miracles also should require mana use is up for debate.

This section was WAY longer than Goblin Slayer’s but I felt like the Priestess needed a bit more of an explaining.

Her Passive traits could be:

A: Whenever she deals critical damage with her main staff smite spell; she triggers a beneficial effect around herself depending on her selected miracle:

Head"shots" while using healing would do a small burst heal around herself.
Head"shots" while using barrier would grant nearby allies a small bulk of defense, reducing damage taken for a short time.
Head"shots" while using light would grant nearby allies a small damage boost for a short time.

B: When she uses med packs on others; their effect is increased by X amounts.

Her Career skill could be a charge free empowered miracle; She blasts a radiant wave of light around herself which has all the perks granted to allies from her A trait while also doing a miracle heal and blinding nearby goblins.

"Elf" / "Elf"

This is like literally a copy-paste thing. Like no joke, you could take all functions of Waystalker Kerillian, her role, weapon options, passive traits, career skills - the whole thing and smack it over and there is like no difference. They even have somewhat similar personality traits. The only major differences is that Kerillian is a bit more snippy while Elf is an Anvil.

Like I suppose we could replace Kerillian’s increased ammo capacity with the Elf’s keen hearing, allowing her and her alone to sort of “spot” enemies trough walls (Mostly ment for special Goblins)

Other than that is’s like no need for a change here.

"Dwarf Shaman" / "OI! IT IS COUSIN OKRI"

Dwarf serves a purpose much different from Bardin - their only main resemblance is that they are both Dwarfs, and that’s about where it stops.

Dwarf is not really a front line kind of guy but more of a mid-spot support person. I imagine that for his main weapon; mostly for variety option; he could chose between an assortment of melee weapons but also have his fire wine flask be an option, allowing him to drink from it and then spew fire for a ranged variation. The reason I do not feel he should have both baked into one is because of his secondary weapon option.

For weapon slot 2 I figured he would still use his fire wine flask but now for the more supportive functions he has used it from in his cannon works. Say that he is able to spray a dozing effect over a certain area; rendering Goblins within in to become somewhat slowed and / or disoriented - Some of the weaker Goblins may simply get knocked out for a short period of time. Of course I figured he could have more supporting options here, maybe even a healing effect so that Priestess is not the only one with a healing option - this would enable Dwarf to be a pic with many alternatives to team comp much like Priestess. Priestess is also limited by ranged attack by mana which is why I feel like reinforcing that Dwarf should need to chose between a melee or ranged weapon for slot 1 and then have his supporting options be slot 2. Dwarf would also have more effective ranged attacks I’d imagine.

The fire wine; Like Priestess and her Miracle function - There would be a limit to how much fire wine he has available (Obviously) but this could also be replenished by means of items you can find around levels. While Dwarf can use his support options for a wider period of time and more times than Priestess; the balancing point comes at that his has a general “weaker” effect BUT can again; be used more often - Building around what a team feels comfortable with.

His passive traits could be:

A: A Happy Hour style function from his fire wine; Whenever he drinks to cast a supporting effect or deal damage; he also heals himself for a small amount or gains a buff to his damage and / or speed.

B: Whenever he is out of fire wine, he gets a tad cranky but also aware of that he currently is at a disadvantage; somewhat heightening his senses for danger until he is comfortable again with some more fire wine. So while his fore wine flask is empty, he gains a slight boost to movement speed and dodge distance.

His Career skill would be tied more to his Shamanistic side; he calls upon the Earth and will enhance a great deal of summoned rocks; some of these will form to temporarily armor and will encase his team - granting them a defensive boost while he also imbues a great deal of rocks with fire - turning them into projectiles that is auto-launched and which will seek out nearby Goblins.

"Lizzard Priest" / “SIGMAR BLES THIS…” Nvm I am out of references.

Lizzard Priest is the last of the bunch and his role is to be the “second” tank option. He is a sturdy guy who unlike Goblin Slayer does not have a shield but he wields two sickles mainly (Or any option of two one handers) as his main weapon of option and deals swift yet strong blows.

His secondary weapon would be up for debate, i feel like this could be anything from a two-handed weapon use to using his magic for alternative ranged options or to empower himself in one way or another. Despite being the “odd one” out compared to the Vermintie Crew; he is sort of straight forward in designe and servers a “bulky guy with some buffer” options role.

His Passive traits could among many things be:

A: Fortitude of the Brontosaur; this simply enables Lizzard Priest to ignore damage taken on set intervals - similar to how Ironbreaker Bardin’s passive works.

B: Ancestors Blessing - When dealing killing blows, there is a chance for Lizzard Priest to invoke a spell cast by his ancestors watching over him. This could buff him in a variety of ways or maybe heal him.

His Career skill would be to call upon a Dragon-tooth Warrior, a sentient skeleton dragon-like creature which is extremely tanky and who will force nearby Goblins to attack it while it remains alive.

Other than this, everything else from Vermintide holds similar functions. Med-packs, Ammo Supplies and Ammo crates, Potions that helps the supporters mainly, a bomb slot would not be dumb.

Goblins would also be translated pretty much the same with different variants and how much armor they wear and what kind of weaponry they have.

Ofc there are Special Goblins like Skaven. Hob-goblins, Goblin Champions, Goblin Shaman, Goblin riders, like mostly everything else is translated over with ease, the main change I wanted to emphasize was the characters. And as I said; because of a heal mechanic - i figured the game could have some other smaller changes to damage dealt by goblins, how effective blocking is an so on and so forth.

Another thing I was thinking of his how the Goblins can pull a “low blow” move in this game version and use “Meat shields” forcing the players to approach with extreme caution.

It may seem like I rushed this toward the end but this post was long enough already so thanks for reading it all if you made it this far. I have some other detailed changes in mind but ya’ll get the gits so just ask in the comments if you wana know if I had anything particular in mind about a part of this that may interest you.

Some may ask; Why even make a game like this when you have Vermintide - because they would be slightly different and offer some variety + Do not tell me that you’ve never wanted a show / book / game / series with characters you enjoyed be brought to life in a way / on a platform where they currently are not represented.

Lastly: Why would I ask Fatshark to be behind anything like this? Because they have proven so damn competent with Vermintide that I would not entrust an idèa like this to anyone else. Fatshark is king.

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At some point the End Times will have happend and they can’t continue with the old charachters.
So they can just reboot the thing [Insert year I.C.] in Grentzstadt (Averland) or the Borderprinces realm with a Skaven and Ork/Goblin invasion.

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