Vox Transmissions

Not sure entirely where to put this but I just wanted to ask if the YouTube Vox Transmissions would also be added in-game. I think it’s great they’re on YouTube but I would really love to access/hear these somewhere on the Mourningstar. Is there any plan for that? I’m not asking to stop putting them on YouTube - just if they can be accessible in game.


You mean like explorable content? Like a story? Dunno mate I think you’re asking a bit too much here.

Next thing you’re gonna say is that they should have been optional pickups you should be able to listen to during missions. Or even discover using various mechanics like with grims in Vermintide 2


Love it.

It’s not like there’s any real visuals to them, they could just play over the loud speaker in the hub. Maybe add a room that lets you review old messages.


Their main purpose is being a new content drop teaser, nothing else. I suspect adding these to the game is too much effort, especialy on consoles where every game code change requires going through the 3rd party (Microsoft/Sony) validation process or whatever they call it.

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Yeah I totally get why they’re on YouTube. I just thought it would be really neat and immersive if we could listen to them from a terminal or something in-game. But yes, I imagine adding this feature would be immeasurably complex (Joking aside it probably isn’t as simple as I think it is)

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Yes! Anything to just have it in-game would be great.

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hahaha. Yes. Precisely.

This is extremely important, especially given the actual lack of a real storyline.

I didn’t know about the vox transmissions until about a month after buying the game. And listening to them gives me more story about why we’re in Tertium than the Brahms intro video.

It should be simple enough to make an interactive computer terminal (like the ones on opposite ends of the mission map terminal) with a menu to listen to them. Kind of like the interactive books by Melk’s shop for penances. That “feature” was missing on launch and just snuck in with a patch.