Vox Intercept III Discussion

This is a thread for discussing the new Vox Intercept that dropped around 20 minutes ago. Thoughts?

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Definitely feels like Zola in particular has previously served in the 6th pre traitor or had a personal connection to Wolfer.

Wolfer and Zola may have even grown up together and fought in the same battles, been in the same gangs, and served with each other.


I do agree that there’s something personal between them that drives Zola to hunt him as strongly as she is. Perhaps they served together in the Astra Militarum before she joined Grendyl’s Warband, maybe they even grew up together, or it could even be as simple as the fact that they’re both from Tertium.

Zola isn’t exactly the most “stable” person, but she wouldn’t be directly disobeying orders from Rannick (in a leaked voice line) if she wasn’t so personally involved in tracking down Wolfer.

Here’s the aforementioned leaked voice line if you haven’t seen it:

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Yeah agree there.

She did also mention in previous missions making deals and alliances to survive while imprisoned so that might tie into it.

She also calls the Karnak twins by a different name so I would also assume their history goes a lot deeper than just the recent arrival of Grendyl’s warband.

Edit: this is one of those games I wish actually had scattered logs to fill the game world in. Maybe an old report on Zola pre war and or an excerpt on the planet or something along those lines. What we get is so surface level for a planet that has likely thousands of years of history.


Zola calls Rinda Karnak the “Butcher of Bragna”, but there’s no official spelling for that name just yet. Rinda is the female Twin who uses the sword, of that I’m pretty certain.

I’d definitely like somewhere on the Mourningstar for reading up on the lore surrounding the game, including all of the Vox Transmissions/Intercepts, as well as the new Zola Journals.

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Yeah the Zola mission is definitely coming next week
Very likely it ends with a Karnak twins boss fight with the both of them.


Praying to the Emperor for it.

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That’d make the Carneval update the first ‘FreeLC’ to be released. 3 maps, including one bossfight at the end. A bunch of new features and weapon updates.

We’re back to the old content schedule. Feels good, guys. :smiley:

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We eating good :pray:t2:

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Curse you milk!

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Milk :fist::pensive:

I think it’s still a bit premature to jump to them being personally related. I can still see it being that, as much as Zola hates it, her being protective of her home and passionate about the operation as a whole.

Still possible that the things mentioned in this thread are true, but people have a habit of jumping to conclusions (aka Zola is GSC which is really dumb)

Either way I’m happy Milk’s “Auric tier operatives” got clapped, because I sure as hell don’t see them putting in work anywhere else!

(Still want Zola to die but unfortunately it will not be happening :pensive:)

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The nights still young and 40k has a history of suddenly killing off named heroes (see Yarrick ). It would at least raise the stakes somewhat if it did go that direction since there would be more personal stake.

I do think there is some likelihood of a personal connection just because of the mention that Wolfer talks about Zola specifically or you could be right and it’s just mind games because it would be beneficial to draw out the main Tertium native who knows the hive in order to eliminate her.

Ew don’t even mention that. 40k lore stopped being canon after 8th edition released lol.

And yes it’s possible that they could kill her off, but this is Fatshark not GW. They have a bunch of assets and voicelines for her and I doubt they will throw all of that away.

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Bro what’d she do? :sob::sob::sob:

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Imo she is easily the most grating narrator. I find her fairly annoying, and also I find her easily the most bland character out of everyone we have heard from so far. Doesn’t help that her in mission exposition dialogue is very heavy handed.

Also her face looks like it’s been put through an industrial meat grinder lol. She needs to give Krall a visit ASAP.

I think Masozi is too jovial on the other hand. Surely we’ve got other pilots in the event that one of the Rejects shivs her for cheating at cards?

Thing is Masozi is very much a “side” character, while Zola is a main focus one.

Also since she’s admittedly on combat stimms its not too suprising she acts the way she does.

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zola’s basically employed for her atoma knowledge, so she’s probably working overtime trying to prove she’s valuable after bungling the prisoner transfer. given that means wolfer is directly responcible for putting her high ranking position (compared to anything she’d have in tertium) at risk, she’d probably be livid at him about it.


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