Virtue of Penitent wasted when carrying Grim

As I play around with GK I have been encountering a problem. When using Penitent I try to not carry any grims. I can see why the decision was made to have the potion drop. I’m assuming FS thought that it would still benefit the party having a soda dispenser and it is true to a certain extent. But both other perks are boons to the party AND kruber regardless if kruber is holding grim or not while Penitent is wasted. Not only is it wasted to kruber but it can also be wasted to the party if party members prefer other potions or don’t care to use STR potions.

I’d prefer Penitent grant the STR boon once mission is complete or make it trigger on X amount of armored/special/elite killed or hit. Or at the very least give Kruber an option of drinking potions directly from the ground. This way atleast he is able to use the potion. The options that I see are 1. soda dispenser 2. auto cast on hit or kill 3. drink potions from floor.

I just find it frustrating because STR potions can turn the tide of a fight dramatically and if you are holding grim you don’t even have the chance to use it.


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Easiest way would be to not take the grim when you have that talent. Ask your teammates nicely if they want to take it as you want the bonus from the potions. They can’t really ff you for not taking it, that would make it even more unlikely that you will take it and hinder you in carrying it to the exit.
Grims aren’t that important, it’s more important to win the map and get any chest, in which the potions can heavily support you.

It may not be the best solution but the best we got and most likely will get. There won’t be a fix for this provided from FS, i’m almost certain of it. It’s just nothing gamebreaking and re-touching stuff like this is not their kind of game.
I don’t want to dimish your opinion on this. It’s just how it is.

I think just the fact that the potions are spawning ON TOP OF Kruber makes it way more consistent and impactful than RV potion drop. It’s on teammates to use them if you are carrying a grim.

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I’d argue that even though it is consistent in the sense that a player teammate can use them IF they want to use it, it doesn’t benefit the GK at all. On top of that if you are playing with bots than it will be completely unused if you hold the grim.

Just don’t take the grim if Penitent is part of your build. If you are going to carry grim then pick another talent. Simple.

If you do take Penitent, I would suggest running with the Concoction trait. You can use the strength pots to get a short burst of speed+strength AND recharge your ult, which is often more effective than straight strength. Concoction when you have 3 bots with potions is awesome for melting bosses and chaos patrols.

Penitent is really strong, and a lot (not all) run concoction i’ve noticed, so even if you are a grim carrier I can see this getting use.