Markus Kruber - Grail Knight - Tanlent: Virtue of the Penitent: Potion to Boon

I saw the strength potion just left alone and unused a LOT.

So, I think, how about change it to boon; the Boon of Strength.
Of course “how long” and/or “when or how it will granted” may or should has to be considered though.

Potions seem fine as is.
Players can control the buff, preemptively using potions knowing they’ll get another one.

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In most of time, my dumb randos in my area won’t use the bloody thing likely at all. ※I play on legend or up.

Potions should be dropping on the floor, if they’re not using them.
Really it’s just more potions laying around for the team.

No, I mean, they do not use them regardlessly.

Player issue then. Nothing needs to change, imo.

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