Fun ideas about potions, major changes

After 2k hours playing Vermintide 2 mainly in legend, I have been thinking about a change that I think could be interesting and a lot of fun, and bring a totally different mechanics on potions.

Currently potions work fine, I have no problem, but when you play a full book round in legend, two players cannot enjoy the extra perks and fun of using potions by carrying the grims. Then it occurred to me that the potions for strength, speed, and concentration might be more similar to how Bardin’s beers work. I explain to you;

¿How would it work?
Every time you use a potion, it gives you a minimal but long-lasting effect. A normal round with full books usually lasts 20-30 minutes, so I suggest potions have a 5 minute effect and the following benefit:

-Potion of Strength: + 5% Power for 5 mins.
-Potion of Speed: + 2.5% Attack Speed ​​and + 2.5% Movement Speed for 5 mins.
-Potion of Concentration: 5 / 7.5% cooldown reduction for 5 mins.

The maximum stacks would be 2, therefore in the best case, a player could gain 10% power, 5% attack speed, 5% movement speed, and 10/15% cooldown reduction.

Potions can be used even if you have the grim equipped, and the potions slot is still available so you can carry one and use it when the effect of the previous one is running out.

This would also drastically change the way of dealing with patrols or Bosses where currently a team loaded with potions and bombs literally wipes these threats from the face of the Old World in a matter of 5 or 10 seconds, ask the Guardian of Skittergate or Skarrik Spinemanglr.

Tell me your opinion, and if you like it, give it love so that the developers are interested.

Those numbers are way too small to feel impactful.

Drinking potions is meant to give a short burst of power (be that doing more damage, spamming your ult or running/attacking way faster) as a strategic decision, and that’s fine.

What is indeed not ideal is that half of the players on the average full book run will not be able to use potions for most of the run, which just means less ways to tackle things and less fun in general. I get that it’s been that way since Vermintide 1 but I feel like Grims should be handled differently.


To me, the problem are books… the way they increase the difficulty is just boring.


You’re missing the point of OP, who says “why not make them more lengthy smaller buffs instead of instant steroids ?”

Again OP proposes the ability to drink a potion even when carrying a book : you find it, you gulp it, you get the effects for 5 minutes.

Overall, I like the idea.

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Yeah, the book mechanic is dull. It would be more fun if picking up a book increased difficulty by spawning a randomized wave of elites or specials or a boss.


seems like unnecessary power creep imo


This is why the trait proxy exists. Just ask in chat who’s got it on their charm then hang out with them or you can use proxy and not be the one to carry a grimoire.

Books don’t exactly increase the difficulty but gives you higher chance at loot. Same way it was in V1 except loot was harder to come by as every player is at the mercy of Ranald.

Sitting there at the loot table like:

Come on 7s!!!


Extra potions effects should be something for RV.

The last thing the game needs are more (semi-)permanent buffs no matter how miniscule they are since we have a lot of mechanics which are at the breakpoint (one-hit-kills) or already over the breakpoint (attack speed) to keep the game difficult.

It would also start a “fight” over who gets the potion since everyone want the buff. At the moment different potions have different useage for characters so people are more willing to give them away. Hm, actually, there would be no fight as Handmaiden and Zealot noobrush the map to get them before everyone else.


I’d be happy with it being a low buff (5 mins) without the stacking mechanic, as it would be too strong, with carry a Grim prolonging the effect (rest of map?).

AS and Power may be too strong though, so movement speed and Stagger Power would be better.

Ult one needs to have a really long delay between the CDR.

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I’m not missing the point, I’m disagreeing with it because short-lived, stronger potions are a more interesting mechanic than longer-lasting tiny buff ones.
The problem is the way books work, not the way potions work, in my opinion.

I’m honestly really glad that I have all the loot and can play Cata where books are an afterthought. But most players will never reach that point since it takes an absurd amount of hours.

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Your wording ("potions are meant to ") sounds like an argument from authority that, in fact, has no foundation (who’s to say that potions are supposed to work that way ?) rather than a disagreement - hence my answer.

That is your opinion, to which I say OP’s one is an as interesting alternative. I like their idea, that doesn’t mean I think it is better, and that potions should be changed - but that this conversation is one that interests me.

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What do you mean? Grims lower your health to roughly half and both book types take up their respective potion slots.


I mean that’s not the sole purpose of them. If you play a long time then it becomes 2nd nature and the difficulty is essentially gone.

Unless you get some level 14s in your Legend games to make things a little spicy!

RV + Ale buff + potion of speed (2 stacks at 5%) + Foe feller 5% + swift slaying + weapon attack speed = greataxe swinging faster than a dagger.

Even just having 5% from 2x speed pot + 12% from ale + attack speed + no dawdling would make it a bit silly.


Why give him ales, when the Zealot can have them and solo the game? :smiley:

Frankly, the idea looks fun and fine and rather easy to implement.
One thing to add: maybe changing the pots is not such a great idea, whereas adding a trait to your jewellery which would modify how the consumables work sounds more enticing to my ear.

Since the launch the gear has been more on the boring/lackluster side: making items with different stats for different builds is unfeasible as you just don’t have enough loot/materials/time to do it.
As a matter of fact I’d also suggest this improvement to reds - in V1 you could choose between 2 sets of stats on your red items (thus making some of them actually useful), why can’t we have 2 sets of stats on our reds? It would encourage the peeps to actually try our different builds… But I digress.

So, making at least more traits for jewellery (e.g. this pots sugggestion) can be a fun way to additionally shake up the gameplay!

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Sole purpose or not, it literally increases difficulty. I can breeze through champion just as easily as veteran but that doesn’t mean they’re equal in difficulty.

In the beginning but if carrying books is still difficult for you then don’t pick them up. It’s become such a habit for me now that I don’t even bother with curse resist on Legend anymore.

It literally feels like part of the game and if I don’t grab books then it’s like losing an arm. I can’t describe it any other way.

Seriously, no one forces you to grab books but it’s great for XP for levelling and for people needing loot. I have no problems lugging them around for other people. It’s no hassle at all.

But to each their own I guess.

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What? The only thing I’m saying is that taking books is literally, factually harder than not taking books. That’s not an opinion, that’s just literally fact.

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