Crafting Potions

I play Vermintide 2 alot and have always wondered the perspective of our character’s picking up a random potion and deciding its ok to drink. Does a jar of yellow liquid really give you strength? Is it spoiled? Nah its fine, Bardin’s had it before!

(Characters even comment on the taste being awful)

Then, during a loading screen for a mission in V2, I came across a message regarding how the strength potion is made from the bone dust of giants or something of the sort and it hit me so hard I created a Fatshark account to spread the word!

Crafting the potion during the mission is the way.

Imagine only being able to make strength potions by killing Giants, Or Rat Ogres, and instead (Legend of Zelda vibes) you have to carry an empty bottle, and find ingredients to craft a brew. Also, allowing you to REUSE the flask once consumed!

Imagine in Darktide you have to find the empty flask, gather 2 ingredients, and then find time to craft. I feel this will add a lot of depth into when and where to craft. Maybe you make a potion that’s poisonous and have to leave it behind. Maybe once you craft a drink you have to drink soon or it will spoil.

Craft a grenade with the ingredients instead,
or maybe the spoiled drink becomes some sort of Molotov.

I think this feature can add another fun layer to the strategy and RNG of each level. If you dont see a certain boss, you cant craft certain items.

Thanks for taking time to read this, I hope this can inspire ideas to help make Darktide the best version it can be!

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Giants and Rat Ogres? What is this lunacy? By the Emperor put this man in an asylum, he has seen enough of the warp.

Anyway, despite being probably in a wrong section of the forums, I think this might be a neat idea. You could add a little bit of customizability with various effects and durations depending on the quality of the ingredients and it might add some secondary objectives to the mission with the ingredient hunting.

The ingredients from the mini bosses I am not really sure about. I usually use the potions for those or patrols anyway, having a potion from defeating a boss would kinda rob it of some of it’s purpose.


Crafting only works in open world games because you cannot craft potions while being near hostile enemies and afaik, Darktide is being made similar to Vermintide 2 where there are no “safe zones.”

It’s not a bad idea. It just wouldn’t work with this type of game.

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I agree, getting the ingredient from the boss to make the potion for the boss would defeat the purpose.

Maybe instead, and I know this may sound crazy, once you complete a mission you can carry over ingredients! Allowing you to craft the potion at the loadout screen before it begins! By the Emperor!

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