Vermintide Potions Recipes?

What were the healing draughts, strength, concoction, and speed potions made out of?

In the little waiting screens you learn that strength potions are made out of ground giant bones and ink of squid.

I was wondering what the others were made out of and such. Was curious to make ‘edible’ umgak real life attempts. Going to have to find some substitutes to ground giant bones and ink squid. Going to be hard to get haha

Yellow, Blue + Red and Blue Getorade, respectively.

I can tell you one thing: It’s not Bugman’s.


According to the loading screen hints the strength potion is made from giants bone and bog octopus blood

also while the potions are magical the healing draught seems to be an mundane item

thats all I know from the top of my head

I guess I got one of them wrong. Though I hoping someone might have the info as I was having issues finding anything. Thought perhaps fatshark might have already decided upon that at an earlier time.

I guess I’ll get to make something up at last attempt.

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