Potion idea


So having lightly thought on things that could be expanded on i suddenly realized that adding one or two new potions into the game might be fun.

Like a potion that gives you great damage resistance, an armored state against light attacks or maybe even one that gives you super cleaving attacks.

Could this be a thing maybe?I think it could be fun!^^

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Armor pot that makes you immune to specials/CC and gives dmg reduction, yes pls. The ultimate “everyones down, chug this and spam rez” pot :smiley:

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dmg resistance… i don’t know… seems dull and not really effective. I mean, speed potion and strength potions ARE, actual defense potions. I mean, most of players use it in defensive ways, to clean hordes more easily (speed for mort ennemy stagger and strength for killing more easily), but the idea remains the same : taking less dmg from ennemy-hordes by controlling them more effectiveley. The best defense is a good offense. Whereas dmg reduction would just be… the same, no better crowd-control, just… less dmg taken. I can’t really see any situation where i’d choose this potion over strength or speed.

On the other hand, a potion that gives bigger cleave might be interesting… I mean, speed potion already kinda gives a “bigger” cleave (more speed = more stagger = more ennemies touched = more control/cleave), but having your cone increased by the potion might be interesting if it lasts longer than speed potion for example.

but honestly i don’t feel the need of adding any more potions. 3 are fine to me.

I’d be interested in seeing new potions, but I think they could get creative with their effects. Perhaps one that makes you ethereal for ten seconds - you can’t attack or interact with anything, but also can’t be hit and can pass through enemies. Or other things with just odd effects. Maybe even a mystery potion, hahaha. I’d enjoy seeing things that bring more variety to a match.

While more variation in the game would be interesting, and another potion type or two would be cool, I once again see a few problems with it.

Potions are already a rare enough resource, and with a Grim or two not everyone even gets to actually use them. With the current three, if you actually use them and don’t carry a Grimoire, you still are able to find at least one of them useful, depending on your career and equipment. Not every one, though. With some careers a Concentration potion is near-useless (in my opinion). With another potion type, finding these useful potions, or at least the one you want, gets harder. One-in-three to one-in four is a big change, especially on top of finding potions in the first place.

Another general problem is the eternal one: Balance. Whatever the effect, it needs to be on par with the other potions, and not break the game in any situation, no matter how rare. For this reason alone, I think if there will be one, it will not be in the near future, but after we’ve gotten the balance working in existing places in the game.

For the specific ideas… A defensive potion would be useful, sure, but I’d prefer a slightly more indirect approach than straight damage or hit resistance. Infinite Stamina, maybe. Cleave on most weapons is no problem, and while the Speed’s effect on it is indirect at best, I think the Strength might actually affect your Power, which would increase cleave too.

Immunity to Specials, no thanks. You can already avoid any disabler by dodging, and a Gutter runner can be, with good timing, pushed too. Skills needed, but I don’t think a Potion (or other mechanics, for that matter) should be substitute for them.

Etherealness would be interesting indeed, but ten seconds is far too long. Half that, maybe. A bigger problem is, it would mess up Concoction. And if by “mystery potion” you mean one with random effects… No, not outside of Deeds at least. (Although it would indeed be an interesting Deed condition, but not enough by itself.) If it’s not reliable, it won’t get used. Even if the effects were just the “normal” potion effects, I would far prefer to know what I’m getting. And frankly, Ranald has pushed his finger deep enough in this game already.

I would like to see that the Blackfire Bomb is getting back to her old Potential from V1. Or like discussed elsewhere giving every Weapon a Special like the Shotgun push/Rapier Sidearm.

For the Potion they do two Things, Speed gives you Attack and Movement speed, Strength Armor-piercing and Dmg boost. So there is no Potion which wouldn be just a Gimmick if added.