GK's book-related quest buffs should not stay active when books are discarded

Referring to tomes and especially grimoires. It feels like an exploit to pick up a grim, drop it immediately and have partywide health regen for the remainder of the map regardless.

Picking up books and discarding them right away gives 10% damage reduction (tome) and health regen (grim) for free for the entire map. That’s silly.

For those who think people won’t drop books on purpose because they want loot: Whatever, GK’s quest system shouldn’t be that exploity in the first place (and if people can exploit something, they will).

While at it: Deactivate the party buffs while GK is dead. You don’t get WHC’s increased damage tag buff either when he’s dead.


100% agree on this. Book bonuses should be “interactive”, if the books are dropped/lost the bonus should be removed too.

Also if GK dies the quests should reset (altho this might cause problems with Grim quest unless its possible to autocomplete if a grim is already hold by a party, otherwise all other objectives are fairly easy to complete) after all, the favor has to be earned again…

Expecting 10% DR to be worth a health potion slot is silly. Grims already require a detour, which is another couple pulled Elites, more specials, and another wave or two.

The whole system is wonky as hell. The boni are not even close to being equal to each other and either make you not care about them, or want you make to restart. Both of which are really not what passives should do.


By now you should have gotten used to how FS does things.
They have a good idea and then do a mediocre implementation.

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Disagree. The objective clearly says “find tomes” for example not that you need to keep them.


you’re a memer and you know it.


tbh this’d just make me forgo the rewards when playing cata

I’d take a tome with me but there’s very little chance I’m going out of my way to keep a grim for 10% DR


This thread is not about what the quests are but how they are implemented.

You can pick up the grim and discard it right away to have health regen from then on. No need to keep carrying anything here, that’s the point.

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All I’m saying is they’d need to rework the book related buffs to be absolutely bonkers if they were also only going to be active while holding them

Personally I don’t think he should have any quests relating to books but that’s just me


I actually disagree. I would only nerf the “enhanced regen life” blessing (this is probably the only “a bit op” blessing with him), but forcing tomes & grims on people feels a bit weird. I’m also fine with GK blessings working even if he’s down.

I saw a nice compromise for the nerf, “health regen” to 50% if it’s not enhanced. Same health regen but to 100% if enhanced.

Not like the quest buffs really do enough to matter and you also don’t usually proc them until about halfway through a run.

Destroying grimoires as soon as they are picked up is the righteous thing to do!
Be you unrighteous?


Considering that it can apparently be strong enough to completely stop tHP decay, I think it’s actually completely busted and overpowered for the entire team.


Yep, I do think this is not intended “as is”. But this is probably the only “op” thing about that character, so yeah, let’s either “fix the bug” or nerf that.

99% certain that the regen interacting with thp decay at all is unintended

+they should be aura buffs what works only when you stay close to player who did the quest… Ofcourse negative effect second grim, second and third tomes after loosing grim or tome aura jumps to 2nd players… That way it would be more interesting gaming mechanic and planning who completes and what quest

Auras zones are so short that it would mostly remove the whole aspect from the character. I frankly do not want that.

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In the opposite case, those duties would be a malus, not a bonus… in your opinion, considering that you could not carry the cure and the potion + the HP loss (because grim) + you should give up a property in order to use curse res… would they still be worth?

Moreover, if you think about it, also the other duties are pretty “simple”… “kill X elites”, you have only to proceed through the map. GK’s duties are just something that force you to wait a little before to reach the bonus… and (imho) it must be so, since it’s thanks those bonusses too if GK is balanced.

My 2 cents:

The duties should not be tied to books in the first place. Instead, a requirement similar to “get x amount of headshots” would be way more fitting for all playstyles.
Also, the hp regen should be changed to sth. along the lines of “+10% of healing received” so it does not mess with Zealot.

If they remain tied to picking up books, I agree that they should only be active while you carry the respective book.
If you remember the WHC and Shade 1.6 talents for carrying grims, they worked the same way. And considering 2.0 removed those talents for a reason I am surprised to see the same mechanic back for Grail Knight. Therefore, duties should not be reliant on books.


There is no reason why GK’s buffs should be map-wide while buffs of the other careers have limited aura range though. FS should either make every aura map-wide or nerf GK’s to get in line with the rest of them.