Videos of weird moments

I recorded some of my games of the last few weeks and made short clips of some of the few things that still are annoying when playing the game. All of the videos are either made in the last two days of the balance beta or after.

  1. I start with bosses.
    In generall boss fights are not the best implemented thing in the game in my opinion.
    While i absolutely love to get to fight more tanky and dangerous foes during a run i think that they could have been a lot bether. I understand that bosses and lords are not the focus of this game but im still a bit dissapointed by them.
    My problem with the rat oger for example:
    It is way to easy to avoid all of his attacks. Just block and dodge backwarts and he will never hit you.
    As long as nobody stuns him and brings you out of your pattern (bait standing attack, dodge backwarts), you could fight him for hours. It is just one really boring pattern.
    The fight would be way more interresting if you had to react differently to different attacks. Some of his attacks should have to be dodged sideways and he should have some delayed attacks so that the timing gets more difficult. As exchange his attacks in general could be slower because you now would have to identify different attacks.
  • Despite that 180 boss attacks are still happening and are really annoying.
    Clip 1:

  • Can’t even tell what happend here
    Clip 1.1:

  • Also weapons with low dodge distance still need an alternate way to avoid unblockable attacks.
    I personally don’t like the idear that shield weapons should be able to block unblockable attacks because that doesn’t involve any skill. So i would prefer it if a shield push at the right timing would prevent you from taking damage.
    Here is an example where the low dodge distance of the shield did lead to me taking damage by an attack that i would normally have been able to dodge.
    Clip 2:

  • But even with weapons with bigger dodge distance i sometimes get hit and i don’t know why.
    Clip 3:
    Normally it is very easy to avoid the troll puke so i don’t understand why it did hit me this time.

  • Maybe my biggest problem with bosses is that they still teleport on edges.
    Clip 4:
    This sometimes leads to you getting hit or missing your shots.

  1. Specials
    One problem is that they often still spawn in plain sight or right behind you.
    Clip 5:
    Clip 6:
    Clip 6 is already a little bit older.
    Im getting really tired of these spawns. Most of them already happen since the beta…
  • The special who i hate the most is defenitely the assasin.
    His movement is often unpredictable.
    If you push him as client out of the air you often still have to go throug the whole recovery animations which often kills you because you can’t block.
    He jumps at you throug bosses, CW’s, entire hordes and sometimes even objects.
    Clip 7:

  • Blightstormer can still cast storms from positions where you can’t hit them.
    Under the wather on the map Warcamp.
    Behind trees or fences.
    Clip 8:
    Sometimes even throug big solid objects. In the case of this video it is not a big problem but you can clearly see that the Blightstormer casts throug the building
    Clip 9:

  • Ratling gunner still can shot throug a lot of terrain.

  1. There are still silent patrols
    Clip 10:
    Or Patrols that spawn right next to the players.
    Clip 10.1:

  2. Some ranged weapons don’t hit from time to time
    Clip 11:
    Clip 12:
    At 0:19
    Clip 13:

  3. Enemys still slide sidewarts or inside you etc
    Clip 14:
    Watch it in slow motion
    Clip 15:
    CW slides sidewarts and hits throug block…

Here two more clips.
Clip 16:

Clip 17:
Cleave of one handed sword gets stopped by one Clanrat?
And why is this rat spamming running attacks?

Enemys doing running attacks in situations where you don’t expect them is one of the main reasons why i get hit by standard enemys.

I don’t think that this post is especially helpfull for fixing these problems. I just want to draw attention to these problems and wanna provide some video proof that these problems exist.


There’s one more super annoying issue. Troll overhead axe swing takes some time. Now if you dodge AFTER the axe starts going down, he’ll hit you now matter how far to the side you dodge, since the axe magically homes at you and the axe turnes mid-swing - and yes, I was clearly out of its way way before it got anywhere near my head - but it turned and landed the hit anyway.
I’ve tested it as a host and as a guest. So it’s not caused by ping. You have to dodge the overhead quite early to not get hit. This is actually counter-intuitive.

The 180 strike of rat ogre is super annoying. So I just spam drakefire pistols at the bastard, even though clobbering him with axe or hammer would be way more climatic - but I know I won’t manage to block/dodge in time when I’m not the host, and even when I am, I have to be super-cautious.

I always dodge forward/diagonally under the arm and the troll virtually never hits me.

180 slam of Spawn is complete BS too.

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It’s not about dodging per se - dodging troll is easy once you learn when to do it. It’s all about the counter intuitive timing of the dodge. At one point the overhead strike becomes a homing missile and you simply will get hit. IRL the later you move put of tbe way, the better, cause the enemy needs a split second to adjust. In Vermintide when I move out pf the way of an already falling axe, I get hit anyway. This is absurd. If I dodge jjst before the swing I’m never getting hit, but once I wait past certain point - game over.

Here some videos of weird Hitboxes.
Clip 16:

Clip 17:

Here a screenshot of the ping of the last video

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