Victor the Fallen

I was talking about that bit making no sense unless vampire Saltz becomes hard canon.

And as for this bit:

I’m saying that this is not the Ü5’s perspective. Not as of the events of V2, anyways.

And regardless of the rest of the gang knowing Victor for so long, I still think him becoming a vampire would be too much to just overlook, based on the reasons I explained in my last post. I’m afraid I don’t really have much else to add.

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Um I don’t understand. End Times isn’t really canon to begin with.
Now I know some say it is, some say it isn’t, but I think we can all meet in the middle and say it is only kind of?

Either way, I only threw that out there as an example for the potential it could have, depending on where FS want to take the story.

If you gonna make him a vampire, at least give him some necromancing skills.
Seriously, this game needs skellies asap and soon.

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Sorry what? THe End Times that end with the Destruction of the World and the creation of Age of Sigmar is Canon. As much as nobody wanted that, it is what it is. Please show me an official Statement of GW that decleares the End Times as non canonical?

If they go back to Oldhammer it will be in a time way before the End Times.

Also, while it is really cool that you put that much effort into your suggestion for a new career, I have to side with the critics. A Vampire Saltzpyre seems even further out there then Grail Knight Kruber. At least The Lady of The Lake can appear in any puddle around the world to give you the magical Chalice, all you have to do is be Bretonnian (that is sometimes disputed, because that is what the Bretonnians say, but I don´t know if the Lady would agree), be pure of Heart/Intent = be Chivalrous AF and perform great deeds like the slaying of evil monster etc. …all execpt the Chivalry part can be completed as Kruber.
But a Bloodkiss performed in secret and then Saltz keeping it a secret is just…well, I think Warrior Priest of Sigmar makes more sense.

I think it would be as weird as Kruber getting Norscan Berserker as 4. career…with Grail Knight they went the most sensible route I guess, for Saltz that would def. be Warrior-Priest.


End Times isn’t really canon to begin with.

To add to this, the only big thing that GW retconned was the “Storm of Chaos” Campaign, which was before the End TImes.

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Either way, I only threw that out there as an example for the potential it could have, depending on where FS want to take the story.

Sorry for the next post, but as far as I am aware, GW hold a very tight grip on the License, meaning, every Books, Game, Movie whatever that goes with official license can only change stuff if GW greenlights it. So where FS want to go, they probably have to clear it with someone at GW.

One example would be Kroxigor Lords in TW: Warhammer 2, I heard somewhere, that in the Tabletop, Kroxigors always had Skinks and Saurus lead them, but except for Nakai they did not have their own Lord Charakter. CA changed that, but I think they had to clear it with GW.

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I like the possibility of Saltzpyre being a vampire because no one chooses to be a vampire despite anyone’s endearing faith…


Why was there a vampire in Castle Drachenfels?

I highly doubt that the vampire who killed Constant Drachenfels was still lurking in the castle while Chaos Daemons were taking over.

That part might need some explaining.

I kind of agree, but I addressed it in the The Kit section why I avoided it.

A Zealot is a fanatic frothing at the mouth who throws himself at the enemy in a berserk rage. A Warrior Priest is a bastion of faith and steel who bolsters and heals his allies with holy miracles. They’re as distinct as any other two careers currently in the game.

Saying that a Warrior Priest would inevitably be just a reskinned Zealot is like asking why have an Ironbreaker when we already have a Slayer.


Some vampires in WH are lonewolves that lurk in all sorts of places.

It really depends on how they design him. I can totally see him bringing a pseudo-stealth ability to the game, in the sense that he is a tank in sturdy armour that gets the ability to keep enemies from attack him and his teammates (would really be the first “team stealth” ability) due to the brilliant presence of holy Sigmar.

However, a Vampire sure would make a stealth ability (vampire swarm?) alot more… well, “stealthy”. Plus, it could make his eye grow back!

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I got a vampire knight in heavy plate with limited stealth abilities in ESO, it’s pretty awesome.

The think with stealth though, a vampire warrior who focuses on taking and dealing damage would neglect their stealth magic, because it’s not as useful as it would be for a squishy backstabber or caster.

No stopping the fun train just because its hard.
tank it marines.

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“One test said you’re pregnant, one trst said you’re not, so lets say meet in the middle and say you’re only a little pregnant.” ← Makes just as much sense.


I dislike the idea of vampire having no ranged weapons. Also would be nice to make his ultimate dps focused, not just simple CC.

Off Topic-ish

End Times bad > Age of Sigmar bad > Old World good > Pretend the End Times didn’t happen. I’m sure you know the usual case.

And can you really blame them? If one likes the unique outcome of the bad guys winning, that aspect is sullied by the good guys surviving into AoS anyway. If one dislikes the Old World being destroyed, then the End Times’ ending is pretty unenjoyable.

You’re right though, whether we like it or not it’s canon and afaik Fatshark isn’t allowed to ignore GW’s canon.

On Topic:
While a vampire could be cool, I have to agree with the others here. It seems difficult to justify the five working with one, whereas as they wouldn’t have any issues working with a GK that just talks about the Lady, honor, chivalry and duty a lot.

Saltz’ career options are fairly limited. I’m almost certain we’ll be getting a WP.

I’d love to see a melee only version of WHC, though there’s nothing in the lore that matches with that unfortunately.

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hmm i could be in the minority here but i never though vampires were cool or appealing. I rather prefer steamtank victor instead :stuck_out_tongue:


Heresy! Blasphemy! You should be purged with fire for such preposterous words!

Well again, they don’t have to know.
Take Blood Dragons for example, they were often “under cover” among other knights with nobody even having a clue they were vampires, and that’s chivalric knights we are talking about here.

And even if they did have a suspicion, in war you don’t just turn your back on your battle partners just because you suspect something is off. You can bother them with questions, which is what would provide a lot of fuel for interactions, but you would continue to trust them purely out of necessity as your life depends on them.

Speaking of Blood Dragons, what about Abhorash?
He was a chivalric knight, he hated his curse and he found a way to cure the thirst for blood, slaying monsters instead of people.
Why can’t Saltzpyre become someone similar?
I mean heck, Abhorash and his Blood Dragons even fought alongside The Green Knight and other Grail Knights to defend Bretonnia against the forces of Chaos.