Victor Saltzpyre - Vampire Career

And when you say you want a Vampire which one do want:

And even then those are simply different origin, Vampire is not really a career

The Hero career (TT):

  • Vampire Count
  • Necromancer
  • Wight Knight/King
  • Banshee (iirc)

And Lord:

  • Vampire Kings (or was it Duke)
  • Ghoul King
  • Necromancer master
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I’m not sure you’re understand what are you talking about. Game timeline is year 2523 I.C. End Times have began 4 years ago, and everyone saw twin-tailed comet. Undead legions and chaos hordes started to move. Empire is in was already and characters talk about that as well. And Helmgart is not just some medium sized city on the edge of the world. It’s emperial fort, guiding border with Bretonnia in Axe Bite Pass and if you think it’s poorly defended, well, think twice. Threats for the Empire is everywhere, and in particular, our characters will not sit on their arses and fight each other in the keep, waiting for the Empire to come for their aid. They are surrounded with enemies and there are no reinforcements comming. Not a good time to be legible in picking allies.

Do I really need to repeat myself? Just read closely what I mentioned about von Carstein in the posts above. I might think you’re just ignoring parts of my messages.

I don’t care about other games as long as I want to play vampire in Warhammer.


Read attentively, man. I said von Carstein for ten million times.

Your arguments is just repeat of other people talking about things they do not understand and know. But some lines I’ve found hularious indeed.

Skaven invasions are not considered regular, as long as Skaven do not attack that often and when they do invade - it’s widescaled invasion. And northlanders are not a common problem, when they come into the heart of the Empire, destroying bloody border keep, that protects high valued strategical point. It’s not common situation.

Shades are not just about worshipin Khaine. Read their lore before saying something like this.

In my opinion, you just try to convince yourself that current lore breaking moments are fine, because you have to deal with it. And you are against a good idea of a vampire, that is far more logical, because your just want to be negative for the purpose of being negative. And make this petty arguments like: “It’s regular invasions”, “does not look like the end times” and blablabla. That makes no sense at all, because, as I mentioned before, the End Times has truly come and everyone knows about that.

Yeah, I’ve had enough of discussions with people taking a condescending tone on this forum, so I’m not going to engage your shitty attitude any further. You said you wanted a vampire, we’ve explained how that would not fit in the lore. I don’t think anybody is going to convince anybody else here, so I’m going to call it a day and let peole who read this decide with whom they agree.

But I do want to say that, although Shades in Warhammer are indeed not just Khaine worshippers, the official explanation behind Shade Kerillian is that she turned to Khaine worship after the events of V1. Had something to with her dreams and / or finding a shrine, I believe. So even though the class is called “Shade”, Kerillian isn’t suddenly a Shade of the dark elves from the dark elven lands. Comfusing, I know, but an important distinction.

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Not keen on any career for saltz that isn’t warrior-priest tbqh


Before you explain something about lore, you have to know the lore and think logicaly. And I can’t give you a credit for any of that. You’re complitly ignoring common sense, trying to protect weak position and covering with lore. But lore-wize my idea makes no conflicts. Improve your knowledge about the universe and maybe than I will hear you plea. Mortals, always short-sighted.

P.S.: She is called Shade, not Khaine Pristess or something like this. If you call something blue and try to prove everyone, that is is green, than you may look like a fool.)

Well, this is the most obvious and common choice for him. And I hope that FS will not be that banal. I’ve had enough of warrior priest in WAR.

Do me a favor and look up “Dunning-Kruger effect”, and then try to reflect on what you find. Other than that, I’m done with you and your insults.

This is actually funny that you don’t apply this to yourself. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Official Vermintide Website

In the aftermath of Ubersreik, Kerillian’s dreams were a jumbled cacophony, and one of the most lucid visions spoke of an ancestor who bore the exiled blood of Clar Karond. The dreams did not emphasise the future, but here and now. Through the mists of memory, a cruel voice spoke, urging her to reclaim the mantle of her forebear. Her count continues, but in glory, not in penance.

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The prosecution says this is far-fetched. Fatshark does not make the lore for the Warhammer universe, and they does not posses a carefull and stict attitude to it. Kerillian should not be called Shade in the first place, if she got succumbed by her dreams and worship to Khaine. Because being shade - is certain ideology. Which FS does not really care about. This careers are just not well made, and poor explanations are given. Developer’s words are not truth of the highest instance, specially when they just fans of universe that are not diving deep into lore. Even GW have lorebreaking moments in their roleplay, plotholes and just problems with logic. You have to think with your own head, at least sometimes.

I think I have some basic grasp on the timeline. In 2523 I.C. the End Times had only essentially started and not progressed very far, as I can see. And like I have written many times now, this isn’t the first time the Empire is faced with invasion and attacks.

And the Ü5 are really not fighting Archaeon or Khazrak or whoever of the heavyweights of the End Times. They are fighting a in any comparison minor invasion by one Skaven clan and parts of one Norscan tribe. With some Beastmen support to fill out the ranks.

A Bretonnia which was ruled by unbelivable righteous king and now is gearing up for a civil war in the timeline. The risk for Bretonnian oppertunism is very low. And even less so when Lohner has a line about sending to Bretonnia for help, and the Duke of Montfort giving the request a pass.

And then also consider that the defenses of Helmgart are built to defend against attacks through the pass. They are no designed to defend against attacks from below by Skaven and Rotbloods transported past the defences of the city.

The Skittergate is key to the Pactsworn success here.

So, why don’t the Ü5 join with Nurgloth in Drachenfels? Allying with him could easily help to drive the Rotbloods into further internal fighting, and you can’t be picky with you allies, right?

No. What I wrote above is naturally silly. Its about as silly to not do away with Nurgloth before he can get everything he wants from Drachenfels as it is to allow a Von Carstein vampire to move at will through the Empire at a time of troubles.

No need to repeat what you wrote. I will read it, disagree with it and reject it all the same.

I feel the same, but I want other stuff than a vampire in Vermintide.

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Yes, it’s impossible that you are wrong. It’s obvious that Fatshark and Games Workshop don’t know a thing about their own damn lore. Instead, they should listen to some dude that can’t even spell “Heinrich” in his own username right. Also, I need to study the lore - which is wrongly interpreted by FS and GW anyways - more before I, the mere “shortsighted mortal”, am deemed worthy to discuss it with your exalted highness, who is the only one who can interpret the lore correctly with “his own head” anyways.

This is getting ridiculous.

You say this like U5 is heroes of the size of Karl Franz. They are just simple warriors without any remarkable skills in comparison to legendary heroes. For the Emperor, destruction of one city may not be a great problem, but someone loosing the village will be the end of the world. Why should I even explain such things?

Not only Bretonnia is a threat that can come from that direction. Greenskins always walking around, waiting for someone to smash, and other lesser threats. Despite the rule of righteous king, there is no sense in lowing the defenses in such strategically valued point, for many other reasons. And also, if it is not designed to defend from the enemies below, it does not mean the garrison was a shitpile.

This lane is just hulariously stupid. Vampires are the enemies of chaos, even more that Empire. Because chaos hates them, for no souls to corrupt. Only Walach Harkon came on the side of Khorne in the end times, and I don’t remember other vampires who did so. Vampires proved that they could me allies to human agains forces of chaos. Genevieve saved Karl Franz from Drachenfels and she is well known hero of the Empire. Allying with Nurgloth will not push rotbloods into futher fighting, he will just claim their hordes as a powerfull champion and keep on rolling through the Empire lands.

As did Kurt Helborg, when asked Vlad to protect Altdorf in the time of dire need? Well, sound fair enough.

Well, than I wish you to have more wits to understand.

What, for example? You’re not proposing anything.

See. You can’t understand that FS does not make lore for Warhammer. This is not their lore. And what about GW. Yes, they are not very capable of making things right. They have a lot of problems in storytelling, but the raw lore can be used as a rule.

Worthy insult, but Forum does not allow me to put one more Letter into the name. There are some restrictions.

Right. I love when the cattle knows its place.

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No, they don’t make the Lore. But every piece published by Fatshark is lore-approved by Games Workshop. Of course you can still go on with knowing it better than the creators of the lore.

Sure, you can say that GW has lore-breaking moments and it is true. However, they are the creators and can decide this. Maybe, they would go with a Vampire hero. Who knows? But there is lore-breaking and lore-breaking.
How likely is it that a Von Carstein randomly appears and makes a new Vampire? Is there a master-servant relation-ship (as it would go completely against Victor’s character)? Is there a relation between the strength before and after turning? So how likely is it that Victor will become a weaker Vampire? As Vampire’s are to strong we would need a weaker Vampire. But how likely is it that a weaker Vampire would not have at least one of the following weaknesses: The Blessing of the Lady, Barriers, Counting, Gromril, Religious Symbols, Holy Books, Silver, Warpstone, Running Water? All of which would be game-breaking (I mean it would be hilarious if we couldnt finish Fort Brachsenbrücke because Victor can’t cross the river; or if we couldnt Chose IB, GK and Vampire in the same Team), and some of them would be character-breaking. Also, from what would Victor feed? Skaven? He hates them to death (character-breaking). Chaos? I am not sure if Nurgle worshippers are the best meals. Survivor? What a great hero character? Teammates? As Lohner I wouldnt let him inside the keep.

Sure, some of the career descriptions are wonky. But you will notice that the wonkiest happened all by godly intervention (GK, HM, Shade) as the gods probably know a lot sooner how dire a situation is. Also, I am not sure if using the End Times argument is that beneficial for Vampires. Considering how all of this has ended I wouldnt exactly say that Vampires make the best or most trustworthy allies. Any Vampire class comes with a bs amount of problems quintuple the issues all other wonky careers have combined. And we haven’t even started with gameplay issues.

Of course GW can still say: Sure, let’s do it.


It’s a cool idea, but I think the U5 already have awesome possibilities within their faction. Saltz especially has; a Knight of Morr, Arch Lector or Warrior Priest.

I would still love if they did it, as long as they give us more Vampire maps. :slight_smile:

Cool idea though, Henrich…von…Carstein :face_with_monocle:



You’re looking for lore consistency in a GW product. Idk how good an idea that is.

Anyway I would still like warrior-priest even if it’s the obvious choice. There’s a reason it’s the obvious choice after all :^)


I agree on the scale, however as these fights are not a unique situation in the history of the Empire I find that allying with known enemies of the Empire is very unlikely. Known situations are normally dealt with by normal solutions. Allying with a Von Carstein is not a normal solution to an incursion.

I agree on the Greenskins and that the fort is certainly big and strong.


When the enemy attacks from a direction (below) which you have no defences in place against then things can collapse very fast, especially if they take you by suprise. The examples of slaughtered garrisons in both Übersreik and Helmgart tells me the Imperial soldiers didn’t see the Pactsworn coming before the Pactsworn were on them.

Of course its stupid but I find it no more stupid than allying with a vampire. Vampires have their own game plan which can be seen in Sylvannia.

Just because my second enemy is the enemy of my first enemy does not make the second enemy my friend. The Ü5 might as well bring in an Orc to cover for them as Grimgor Ironhide has on occasions butchered Skaven by the thousands and even made a move against Hell Pit up north in the past.

I am afraid that I am not aware of this exact scenario. But given Helborg’s treacherous nature it makes sense he would try and trick Vlad to fight for the Empire’s protection and then get nothing back. Save perhaps a runefang in his back or something like that.


I’ve made several proposals in the past for what I would like to see in the game. But this thread is about a potential vampire character to play as, so that’s what we’ll discuss here.

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