Victor Saltzpyre - Vampire Career

I see you’re deaf to everything. But I bet, if you were in that place, you would ally with any vampire, even with Strigoi, just to not get your soul devoured by a chaos gods, be getting killed in most abhorrent and disgusting way. And if you compare von Carstein to chaos, than you have serious problems. As long as you can’t read and completely ignore everything you don’t like, i will stop paying attention on you.

I’m sorry you think so but its probably best to agree to disagree.


Thanks for the good questions.

I was thinking about this already. If I will make lore for this, I would reveal Katrine as a vampire, who was hiding from everyone because of her nature. And as we know, she loves Saltzpyre, so, there might be a scenario, when Saltz get mortal wound and was dragged through the shadow bridge be his teammates. He’s dying and Katrine comes out of the shadows and gives him the blood kiss, because she does not want to loose the man she loves. This will lead us to difficult relationship with teammates. Also Lohner may have his own reasons to protect and cover the vampire. Maybe she means something to him, or they are bound with blood, or he’s one of the Strygos people who serve vampires. There are many ways to make this work indeed.

We have Grail Knight, who posses great power in lore and they are stronger than mediocre vampire, who can allow himself to cross the river. But what leads us to an interesting mechanic, is debuffs, which vampire can get in presence of the Grail Knight, for example. Like, taking damage over time when staying close. This weaknesses to the holyness my also be reflected in lowering the damage amplified by standing in the temple of Sigmar (and getting damaged with final explosion). This mechanics will make game more fun, specially when allies, like regular Kruber, will suffer debuffs, staying near vampire. There are a lot of things that could be said about that.

Getting debuffed by allies in a co-op game sounds like the total opposite of fun tbh


I often experience this with Zealot, when regen elf or GK with grim regen joining the team…so we already have such mechanics. And I was talking about specific range. Aura, that will harm you if you stay too close.

I already have mentioned, that curse changes the former personality. Saltzpyre will loose part of his character for sure, and may consider skaven as distasteful food. Kruber also bave lost part of his personality with that arrogant GK voice lines, so I don’t see a big problem here.

there’s already multiple threads from various people wanting that to be changed :stuck_out_tongue:

idk the problem with such mechanics is it makes it less likely for people to play those classes, especially in quickplay


I think, that not all mechanics must be beneficial for team play. It will just give easier gameplay and less brain use for players.

Ok but there’s ways to go about that which would be less damaging for specific classes

Friendly Fire as a mechanic isn’t particularly beneficial for team play but it doesn’t put specific classes at a disadvantage or at odds with one another

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