VetSubclass:Commissar please

I’d like to see one of the feats/skills as ‘v. fast weapon switch’ if:

  • melee is sword
  • ranged is one-handed

The ‘feel’ is to be able to wade into combat and - mid-combat - snap to ranged to take out a sniper, then keep on swinging(with reduced switching-animation penalty).

Maybe allow friendly-fire (which boosts toughness of the other two characters) … for morale :slight_smile:


You’re in luck. One of the datamined planned classes is some kind of veteran “leader”. One of the leaked cosmetics is a comissar’s hat.

Odds appear to be in our favor on this one friend.


Bit off topic, but its hard to see a reason why we don’t have these classes in the base game unless they are either incredibly buggy and unfinished or they’re waiting to sell them as dlc. Considering the krak grenade is in game and functional I’m going to assume the more cynical option.

Given fatshark hasn’t managed to fix dogs the six times they have tried, and still has entire sets of feats on the classes we do have that remain bugged 6 months after release…I’m going to assume the former.

Not out of the goodness of my heart, though I am of a quite kindly disposition, but on an evidentiary basis. It wouldn’t have surprised me at all if they were hoping to have 8 classes on launch and totally flubbed it and are now stuck scrambling to push them out.

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I guess we’ll just have to wait and see but it’s still one of the biggest sticking points with the game atm. More maps and better crafting would be better for the overall game health, but on a personal and selfish note I would prefer we get 4 extra subclasses beforehand.

IMO the crafting system is, despite being extremely irritating to many, actually fairly tolerable. Yes you can never get the super cool builds you wana min-max for and that is BAD and not at all good for this kind of game in this kind of genre. But you can get pretty good stuff on the whole.

So you get a little bored of the class you have. But the problem is your resources are siloed so you don’t feel like exploring other classes. So that content is heavily gated off even if you were interested. If you’re in the mood to grind for it though you encounter a newproblem. You walk up to the mission board and discover its all maps you’ve played 9000 times. There really aren’t enough maps that you’re excited when one pops up or another. So the only place to look for entertainment is maximum difficulty to add variety through enemy configurations via intensity and spawn modifiers. But the game refuses to RNG up the difficulty you want when you want it. So now you don’t want to play at all.

New maps would fix this for a time and it would at least add variety to the game where you don’t see the same map quite as often. So it would actually permanently reduce the problem to some degree. Certainly its something I strongly advocate for. Variety is the spice of life.

New classes, assuming the materials problem is addressed, would also help. After all its a new play style, probbly some new weapons, certainly a new look and cosmetics. All good reasons to experience something different. So I strongly support this too. If the materials problem is resolved most regular players are going to have a big pile of resources to dump on the cool new weapons so you’ll probably playing with half decent ones as soon as you hit level 30 (or whatever the cap becomes).

Will you have to pay for classes? I’m betting yes at this point.

The gaming industry is in such a horrible position at this point. Discussing Darktide just makes me sad at this point tbh.

there’s a new edition of tabletop warhammer40k coming out soon, they may be waiting on concept art or be obliged to hold releases of new edition derived content. GW are really looking at building their online brand into a subscription model right now.

where there any data-mined psyker sub-classes!?!

Yeah, it was some kinda semi-defensive psyker with magic throwing knives and a defensive AOE shield or something like that. that one seemed less complete/clear.

ugh… lame. no one will play a defensive class in a PvE game.

Iron breaker? Warrior Priest ?
Like both are/we’re in various meta during Vt2’s lifetime, so I would disparage it just yet (Also Datamining isn’t an exact science

Man if the shield works similar to WP Saltz that’d actually be sick.

This game is full of stationary TOOOONKING shield ogryn.

Well that’s à bad example as shield Ogryn aren’t great. (We need the Discord emotes)

Yeap, they should make power swords Commissar exclusive weapon, give it laspistol, autopistol and bolt pistol :popcorn:

yeah, I hope we get sub-classes that work well with the predominant gameplay styles seen in every class, and generally dump concepts from Vermntide games. Vermintide was just far too easy to be interesting, though I would love to see a ‘Chaos Wastes’ progress campaign.

After playing a few more short sessions, I kept thinking about the conversation we had. And honestly I found that resource siloing was a big reason why I stopped playing and switched to a different game. While more classes and maps would also be another solution, that was what I noticed when I played.

For example, a played 3-4 games as vet as I’ve been enjoying the new Plasma Gun, but after that I wanted to switch to Zealot for more melee gameplay. However, my Zealot doesn’t really need any materials etc, he has pretty much everything I want on him atm. After 2 games with him, which were pretty fun, I just didn’t feel any motivation to keep playing or even switch to my Ogryn or Psyker.

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each subclass takes time to ‘balance’.

We ought to know by now; that making a bad ‘first impression’ is harder to fix.

…what? Ironbreaker was a main in VT2 for me

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Would’ve had a better first impression from me if they were in the game and bad…

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