Zealot : Commissar

Just putting this out there. I think it would be really neat if one of the subclasses for Zealot was Commissar. Since the Zealot seems to be fairly similar to Salty boi’s design in Vermintide, you could easily make his primary class into the Commissar class.

A shout that knocks enemies back and boosts the combat efficiency of his allies temporarily. Perhaps some rather larger coherency bonuses in his traits section to add to team play.

Just a thought.

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A commissar style character would definitely play around the coherency aura, buffing teammates affected by it while being kinda weaker on the combat side than the others.

Zealot already has several classes outlined along with Preacher on the source material’s wikis. Confessor and Missionary are mentioned directly with Preacher, and are highly likely. Crusader, which is a zealot in all but name, is also highly likely.

Commissar is definitely a Veteran class, and an unlikely one considering they likely don’t want to redo VA work for every subclass of a given archetype, and our current veteran VA’s are very…unconventional compared to the average Commissar.

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I didn’t know an inmate could be a Commissar, I didn’t think our characters could be above sergeant level bc of our crimes.

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I would say that Commissar Ciaphas Cain would quite disagree with lumping the Commissariat in wiht the Zealot.

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Unacceptable losses could be a reason.
Cowardice, while not being exactly common for commissars, could be a reason. Despite everything, even commissars are human and humans can break.
Released from duty due to psychological trauma, having left them unfit to do their job.

There are plausible reasons while a commissar would be imprisoned.

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Don’t know about an actual inmate, but there Penal Legion Commisars - Commisars who’ve somehow suffered disgrace and been assigned to a Penal Legion.

There’s an example of a Commisar joining an Inquisitor’s retinue in one of the Ciaphas Cain novels (not thinking of Ciaphas himself). IIRC she (the inquisitor) picked him up from a Penal Legion. He was heavily influenced by Combat Drugs during the novel. Died horribly IIRC. :joy:

Their special ability executes a downed team mate from range for a big buff to the rest of the party, lol.

I just don’t see how someone who was imprisoned could be an officer used to instill loyalty to the imperial cause.

A member of an inquisitorial retinue could wield a very rare and valuable weapon if the inquisitor deems it necessary, but a promotion to commissar is not necessary in a inquisitorial retinue, first off to be a member you need unquestionable loyalty to begin with so a inspirational officer is unnecessary.

Yes pls. Commisar with execution combat ability, allowing you to execute one of your teammates, to make toughness of the rest indestructable for couple of minutes…

@Starshine being able to execute a teammate will cause trolling where someone executes their whole team and then suicides ruining it for everyone.

Commissar as a subclass of Zealot is obviously wrong, and the VAs/origin personalities are not suited for it; it’s already been said that a tanky Crusader or a supporty Confessor/Missionary are natural. Commissar also isn’t a suitable Veteran subclass, because those boys are enlisted Guard mudboots par excellence and don’t fit. Instead, the Commissar is suited as a subclass for a new Officer-type career, something Mercenary Kreuber-like with a melee/ranged balance. Heavy aura/coherency abuse for soft stat boosts.

Give it a core mechanic or the option to take a perk for meaningfully reduced friendly fire and some manner of buff for tapping/near-missing your teammates, to harden up the line; said buff is spaced out by a cooldown timer, no spamming your lovetap buff. No outright executions, that’s not good gameplay flow even if there ARE times when there’d be utility in dropping someone who’s very much doomed to give everyone a health pip or something.

And, most importantly, the new career comes with its own set of three VAs. One of which really must be Tim Bentinck or a soundalike. It’s absolutely necessary that there be a nasally put-upon nobbish taskmaster with a BURNING FURY in literally all contexts. Then you can throw in your grim executioner and your personable Ciaphas Cain wannabe, gratuitous non-English accents optional. Harsh Ruskie and mild German, maybe, since we’ve already got mild and harsh versions of those respectively.