Veteran "Sharpshooter" Stripped too thin (Again)

With latest patch of Anniversary , finally sharpshooter tree getting some love after patch 13 & patch 14 which both decimated the sharpshooter class, as one of the major bulletins of Anniversary update is Sharpshooter tree rework.

As for the Sharpshooter, the tree before was too spread out , essential things too spread out, now shortcuts were introduced thankfully, yet tree has became longer, which again essentials are hard to get, while also many many nodes got nerfed ,although some were average.

New build is just stack collection and very niche, each build specifies certain weapons you must go with, also limits playstyle forcefully by stacks gaining and stacks removing on certain actions, which quite makes the sharpshooter main job is maintaining stacks rather than perform the role required.

This list is everything nerfed from Patch 13 and never been back:

Nerfed Stats: Veteran (Before patch 13)
Pre Patch 13 Vet had 7.5% toughness on kill, now 5%
Pre Patch 13 Vet had 40% Ammo , now 0%
Pre Patch 13 Vet had 200 Toughness by Default, now 100
Pre Patch 13 Vet Cohesion was 1-2% Ammo on kill , now 1%
Pre Patch 13 Vet Default Nades was 4, now 3
Pre Patch 13 Vet had 15% Weakspot Bonus , now 0%
Pre Patch 13 Scavenger minimum was 1 round per kill, now decimal calculation applies
Pre Patch 13 Bolter Blessing (Pinning Fire) Tier 4 20% Power → 5% Power Stack
Patch 14 Ulti Ability cooldown from 25 Seconds → 35 seconds (Was 25secs before path 13)
Volley Fire Vet Ability/Ulti was 50% Base Ranged Damage, now 25% Ranged 25% on Weakspot
The Bigger they are… Buff Vs Ogyrn and Monsters reduced to 25% from 75%
Sustained Fire Vet lvl 30 Feat , 60% Toughness Replenish & Magazine Reload (Removed)
Unwavering Focus Toughness Damage Reduction With Ulti Activation (Removed)
Max Ammo increase you can get is 25% now, was 40% by Default
Camo Expert Standing Still reduces your targeting/Reduces your Aggro (Removed)
Ability Refresh does not refresh ability modifiers (bottom tree upgrade)
Demolition Team Used to give Grenade to everyone on Coherency, now only gives the player himself while in coherency.

These are things that did change before latest patch of anniversary and still in effect

Scavenger Comparison between Old and New:

New Bolter
80 Ammo Bolter Ammo Pattern: 11110
you will get 1 bullet per first 4 specials, and then get no Ammo on the 5th.
1% is 0.8 Ammo
so it does deduct the 0.2 from each of the first 4 specials, so you are strictly getting 1% ammo.

Old Bolter
115 Ammo Bolter Ammo Pattern: 22222 (Constant 2 rounds per kill)
Any Special you kill, you always get two rounds.
1% is 1.15 Ammo
and we are getting 2 Ammo per kill ,which is 1.7%.

which so we are now getting nearly 60% less ammo than before.

Volley Fire, or the Augmented Version “Executioner Stance” got hugely nerfed, as now it require Weakspot hits for damage rather than plain damage bonus, therefore for weapons as shotguns, braced autoguns etc. they suffer from the situation, also the weakspot damage buff is quite little nearly 12% extra damage, because it adds the 25% weakspot just to the weakspot bonus, a detailed test is available at another post.

Also that Refreshing does not refresh any extra abilities that do activate with the ability itself (Ability modifiers ,the orange ones).

Nerfed Stats: Veteran Patch 14 → Patch 15
Confirmed Kill on Specialist or Elite kill 25% toughness instant, and 25% over 10 seconds → instant gain 10% and 20% over 10 seconds. Old Overall: 50% → New Overall 30%
For the Emperor Combat Ability gives you and players in coherency 20% Ranged & Melee Damage for 5 seconds. → now gives 10% Ranged & 10% Melee Damage.
Marksmen Combat Ability gives 50% Weakspot Power. → 20% Weakspot power
Bring it Down old name was The Bigger they are…, Damage to Monsters and Ogryns 25%. → 20%
Close Quarter Killzone 30% Close Range Damage on Combat Ability → 15% Damage now
Trench Fighter 15% Melee Attack Speed → 10% Melee Attack Speed
Duty and Honour Voice of Command Ability Modfier, Over Toughness 100 → 50

Sadly, with each update sharpshooter becomes more frustrating to play with rather than to enjoy, with nearly zero consedration of what is happening, many abilities requires switching between main and secondary weapons, while many sharpshooter weapons take time to draw, as example bolter, Lucius helbore series, or guns that require aiming down and require critical rate to build up, therefore it makes many abilties quite useless to use.

The nerf on “Marksmen”, just throws the whole tree away, executioner stance gives 32% extra damage on weakspot, marksmen did give pure 50% extra on weakspot, which made going certain builds with executioner stance worth it.

Nerf to Confirmed Kill is quite huge, veteran is mostly using ranged weaponry, and many of ranged weaponry isn’t meant for weakspots, as in shotguns, braced autoguns, autopistol and so on, with only two toughness regeneration abilities per whole tree, this one got nerfed really hard.

New Keystone of sharpshooter build is based only on weakspots, which makes again the same issue, you are locked to certain weapon choices, keystones are way to harsh to obtain or use.

Spotting keystone of Voice of command is good, yet demotes spotting, I cant really spot every specialist or enemy i see for my team, i need to just spot HVT and leave my team to uncertainty, as we are already suffering from that you can only have 1 active spot at once.

General Nerfs How it Affects Veteran
Reduced explosion damage on Monstrosities. Nades Nerf
Reduced Bleed Unyielding armour damage modifier from 1.0 to 0.75. Nades Nerf
Removed one health crate and one ammo cache from the pickup pool while raising the amount of big ammo packs spawned. Nerf to Field Improvisation Talent

Sums up a lot of the issues yeah, im sure they will wait for their metrics to see what needs changing but it definitely feels like a nerf to vet when vet was already arguably the worst of the 4 classes in terms of carrying their weight in a mission. They need to revise the talent tree again by condensing it, removing a lot of the bad filler talents and buff up some of the ones that remain

Pretty Much yeah. Don’t know why devs felt like veteran needed another nerf even though it was the least well performing class after the skill talent rework tree is beyond me. Whole ranged play style is kinda dead at the moment. If you go for weapon specalist you can make veteran work but then again zealot can do it better. So what is the point of having a vet in the team? Just to get some ammo regen? Zealot/ogryn is tougher and if played smart can rush ranged take care of them while pysker can deal huge damage to the enemies take out key targets while providing support to the whole team with shield cc meanwhile vet at the moment is just dies when a heretic blows on them and has no place in the game.

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Veteran’s tree is still just too diluted. It takes a minimum of 22 points to reach the bottom of the tree, which is the most of any class. I believe the vet tree has the most nodes overall as well, by a significant margin. The bottom of the tree is still particularly bloated and lacking in synergy, and adds an unappealing opportunity cost of unneeded or unwanted talents to every keystone.

Frankly, I think I preferred the previous tree. Without keystones, you at least had the option of ignoring the excessive height of the tree and could just walk around grabbing all the talents relevant to a build. Now, a bunch of those talents were nerfed to make room for the Keystones, so you’re just leaving power on the table by not getting one.


True, although Patch 14 tree was bad, now its worse, everything was goodish was nerfed.

In the latest patch note:

  • Reduced explosion damage on Monstrosities.
  • Reduced Bleed Unyielding armour damage modifier from 1.0 to 0.75.

This is kind of a nerf directed to the already skipped Shredder grenade, now it would do less damage vs bosses and unyielding.

  • Removed one health crate and one ammo cache from the pickup pool while raising the amount of big ammo packs spawned.

The Passive that allows the veteran better ammo pack and medi pack now would be even of less worth, as we are getting it lower, and other players cant give their medipack or ammo pack to you so you would deploy.

I don’t know seems fine.

Agree in general but there were some good changes made in patch 13:

And auto pistol blessing. They were stupidly strong and are now far more reasonable. The Bolter especially is still one of the strongest Vet ranged weapons.

Good. I never want to see anything like this in the game again.

I really wish devs would stop touching things if they have no idea what they are doing. Give veteran 5-10 more points if you want to keep these trees, they are so awful

Bolter is kinda weak now though, I would always take revolver over bolter
Revolver now got:

  • Better Damage
  • Instant Draw (Vermintide Ranged Weaponary)
  • Instant Aiming Down
  • Better Blessings
  • Lesser Recoil
  • Better Aim sights

They both share nearly same reload speed, yet revolver you can reload 1-2 bullets and continue killing specials if its an emergency unlike bolter.

Bolter only two better things, is stagger AoE to flush ranged out of cover, and 1 extra magazine of ammo.

Bolter has better dps burst and boss damage but yeah you’re right the Revolver is better.

Because the revolver is pretty overtuned right now. Idk it’s just sort of an unfair comparison imo, especially since despite the Revolvers overtuned state the Boltgun sill has advantages over it.

good compendium, totally agree

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