Veteran Sharpshooter Counterfire Appreciation Club

As ranged trash mobs are the main reason behind party wipes in public games…

For all veterans who actually know how to play this build, thank you. Infantry Lasgun in hand you guys make a massive difference for the front-liners all around. If you set up right you can wipe out shooters and gunners alike in one volley.


This is a self-congratulatory thread also.


Until you stumble into horde of scab stalker.

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Is this choice a minority?
Feels like everyone uses it, me included.

Increased damage + longer sustain of it due to shooters.
Compared to free reload and highlighted Ogryns?

Seems like the clear cut choice to me.

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They might run it, yes, but a lot of newer Veterans that hopped onto the meme train after threads and probably videos about it use the Boltgun, which isn’t actually that great at taking out those ranged grunts. The MkXII on the other hand…

It is basically the full build that I believe is getting referred to here. I tend to run this one when I am doing solo, but when I am paired up with another Veteran from my group that also runs it, I like to switch to the Plasma Gun + Ogryn deleter build.

That makes sense with 2 vets that one specialies in anti-armour/elites. Sadly I see quite a few players failing to adjust their build/gear when thrown into a public game. Also it is not like the game makes it easy to adjust your class / build in public games…I really feel randoms lose a lot on the experience in Darktide because of such issues.

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Seems fair, I only play with PUGs so I enjoy the versatility of the Infantry Lasguns that can take out everything, of course not against armor as effectively as boltgun, but it’s a solid all around.

The fact that they show Veterans with melee weapons is odd. They can just change so vets stand there with their ranged weapon out. What melee weapon they have won’t really impact your choice as much as the ranged.

Yeah, sadly Darktide took so many steps back when compared to V1 and V2. It almost feels like Fatshark’s 1st not 3rd Tide game.


Its amazing how against this sentiment most of the Vet community is, I remember being called a plethora of racial slurs and a liar, when I explained the MG XII, and why in my opinion it (in almost every capacity) outperforms bolter. Running Counterfire with an MGXII you can legit post up before entering a room and single tap gunners for the next 20 min without losing your active ability, its honestly insane. Shotgunner? 1 shot, Gunner? 1 shot, Rager? 1 shot. Mutant 2 headshots. ZZZZZZ

game literally becomes a point and click minigame even on Damnation.


Thats only 1 enemy, Crushers are the only enemy type in the game that has full Carapace, so its really a moot point. Ragers and Maulers die to 3 body shots on Damnation (assuming you dont crit)

You are absolutely correct. Didn’t think of it that it’s just the mauler causing “problems”.
Probably why I love the Infantry Lasgun overall, I can do everything with it, really.

The Bolter is a jack of all trades and there’s nothing wrong with that, but as OP pointed out, one of the biggest threats in the game is the absolute company of riflemen that can rain hell on your team and one of the best weapons to deal with them is the MG XII.

Every fresh Vet jumps on the Bolter as soon as it is available for him. But as the level ups come so comes the conclusion, that the reload takes to long and that 15 bullets are not enough to take out enemy fire lines.

MG XII is better for counterfire, but the bolter is far superior for dealing with elites and clusters of units. They both fulfill different roles. The problem is most veterans that pick bolter constantly waste their ammo to pick off the one or two poxwalkers that are in front of them instead of switching to melee. When I play with the bolter, I almost exclusively use semi-automatic mode and I almost never run out of ammo.

see, I just dont agree with this. What elites are you referring to, because 1 shotting elites with a 107 round magazine at any range, seems more effective than close range 1-2 shotting elites. As far as clusters go, I mean if its just a horde you have a (near) infinite cleave melee weapon /shrug

This is my point, unless you have another veteran in your squad which fulfills the counterfire role you are making your game far harder for yourself and others by focusing on other role. No other class available in the game atm can deal with waves of ranged fire as efficiently as a counterfire vet.

The constant toughness and slow health attrition from trash ranged mobs, shot-gunners and gunners seems to be far larger threat than non-ranged elites. Those elites by themselves are hardly a problem.

There’s several elites that have armored heads and can’t be one-shot with the lasgun. They also deal with ogryns quicker.

The armored head guys have other weakpoints. Maulers weakpoint sits right under the belt.
Crusher has a glass chin.

Most of these elites are not ranged, ogryn gunners like other gunners can be easily staggered with grenade launchers. Far easier to suppress them then 20+ ranged trash spread out in a room.