Vermintide 2 - Sanctioned Mods Are Here + Dev Stream

We’re happy to announce that today, July 23rd at 15:30 CEST, the Sanctioned Mod feature is released as well as the first wave of 11 new Sanctioned Mods.

To ensure all your questions get answered, we are going live on Twitch at 15:30 CEST / 06:30 PST with a Q&A regarding Sanctioned Mods with our developers Robin and Tom.

In short, these are Mods that have been approved by the developer and can be played on the Official Realm. To learn more, read our dev blog by Robin here:


In no specific order these mods have passed sanction review and are now available in the Official Realm.

Creator: Fracticality

Ever wanted to have a chance to calmly check out all the enemies in the game without risking death? This mod is for you. It adds a completely new screen to the keep where you’re able to check out all the enemies with stats, rotating character models, the works! Check out the screens, it looks amazing.

Creator: Badwin

Ever dropped a grimoire by mistake while flailing through your inventory trying to get that panic nade thrown at that incoming chaos patrol? Well, then StickyGrims might be for you. It requires you to hold down the mouse button to drop the grim so you don’t do it by mistake as easily.

Creator: Badwin

Another mod from Badwin, this one allow you to paint waypoints on the ground to other users who have the installed mod for maximum teamplay.

Creator: Grasmann

This mod intends to improve the overall UI of the game, so far it adds the ability to change the gear of any of your characters and careers without having to switch character. A nifty convenience feature to be sure.

Creator: Badwin

I’ll just repeat what the description says, short and to the point:
“Adds a small UI element to indicate if your range weapon is currently loaded or not. Never switch to range just to reload again!”

Creator: Tomoko

This shows you what characters are in need of a certain pickup the most when you look at it. Never pick up that ammo at half load only to notice poor Kruber is completely out ever again!

Creator: bi

Do you get annoyed having to watch the shark crash into the screen every time you start the game? Well, with this mod these videos as well as the intro is automatically skipped, sending you immediately to the keep loading screen.

Creator: Necrossin

With this mod the HUD gets numbers next to ammo and health as well as adds icons to show when teammates are wounded and will insta-die the next time they go down or if they’re using Natural Bond.

Creator: Grasmann

This mod doesn’t affect the game on it’s own, but it instead provides an easy to use simple framework for setting up UI so modders that need UI in their mods can to it more easily.

Creator: SkacikPL

From the creator of the (now famous) Photomode mod comes a more modest mod. This one basically changes the first person rig to emulate how it looks in Source games, making your weapon closer when you look down and further away when you look up.

Creator: grasmann, UnShame, bi, Aussiemon, Siku and IamLupo

The Vermintide Mod Framework is not only a mainstay from Vermintide 1, it’s also the most commonly used mod in the Workshop simply because just about every other mod in the workshop uses it to build their features.


This is awesome. I’m hoping we can get things like Ping Displayer to come along soon, it helps me calculate how early I must block and dodge when I join a game.

I’ve a bit of an irrelevant question but I don’t wanna make a thread about it as it’s a very small question: Vermintide 1 was announced to get some mod section as well. Are there any new words on this? Thanks.

Happy to see this but two things disappoint me:

  1. Bestiary - Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to actually have a bestiary now but this should have been an official feature with official write-ups and official artwork a la VT1, Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, or like… every other Warhammer game ever made.

  2. Waypoints - I get that this is optional but it feels casual af to me and immersion killing, so I was surprised to see it sanctioned.

Thanks for the update regardless, just surprised by those two points. Seriously though, VT2 still needs notebook pages collections and a proper lore book please.


Re: Waypoints

Waypoints was developed to help pull along some of my less-skilled friends, so I guess your characterization that it’s for “filthy cazzulz” is accurate. But the potential for teaching is high, which I personally think is a good thing.

And the grrrreat thing about mods is that you can just not install them if you don’t like them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeh like I said I recognize it’s optional and I’m not mad it’s a thing at all, just surprised it was sanctioned. I dislike that it supercedes the need for some voice comms. Kinda feel like it shouldn’t be usable in Legend or mebbe Champ+ but meh.

Cool! Awesome start. Hope the show damage numbers gets sanctioned!

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The “BESTIARY” doens’t show up under approved for me?


It only shows 10 mods as approved, not 11?

Same. Looked it up manually and it’s stamped as approved. It’s just not showing up in the “Approved” filter for whatever reason.

Nice FS, thank you.

Looking forward to see some BOT Improvement Mods getting into the official game.

They really made V1 so much better as a Only-with-Friend/Solo Player.

/fingers X!


Did UI improvements just get un-approved?

Never mind, just saw this lol


What was the exploit?

Apparently you could gain inventory access to careers you hadn’t unlocked. There are also some crash problems that could use some ironing out, a few reports around it trying to interact with heroes that party members are on.


So improved bots and having bots pick up grims, not sanctioned.

Why bother…


Being able to equip characters that were not yet unlocked. In other words nothing that affects anyone who has played the game for any length of time.


i hope the block while typing mod will be next :smiley:


Well god bless these mods arent really gamebreakers. I hope you wont let some “better bots” or “euqipment chests” mods out there. Not really gamebreakers at all, but a big advantage for every mod-user…
Fix the game-experience for all and not through mods pls.

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…Seriously? Clearly these 11 aren’t the only ones that will be sanctioned, just the start.


approve 3rd person already sick of waiting

I honestly don’t see that being approved. But I wouldn’t mind if it did get approved XD

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