Vermintide 1 Maps with Vermintide 2!

I’d love this, more playability if you ask me. I’m already drained from played Vermintide 2 maps, give us more to play with so we can get more Reds, and/ or helms/skins. Thank you Devs…


This wish has been presented before, and even the devs have (iirc, in the release stream) stated that they wish to do this at some point. It’s not something to be worked on at the moment, though, and even though the engine is same, it isn’t as simple as just bringing the old assets to new game. Keep playing so the game stays alive, and keep your fingers crossed for either suitable mod tools for modders to bring this in, or at some point the devs grabbing the challenge.

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If it does happen at some point, it would be an exceptional way to introduce more content to this game.

I hope FS can overcome the hurdles in the way of accomplishing this, it’s nice to hear that the idea has crossed their minds at least.

It seems like it would be so easy to do, just because of how similar both games are and how many assets are re-used in Verm 2.

It woulda been cool if LFD2 did that…

winkity wink

this comment right here is the bane of programmers and artists everywhere lol

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Yeah, I didn’t fully elaborate.

I’m more than aware it’s not a matter of just copy/pasting content.

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