Vampire Coast is love

I love the new Halloween painting:

It would be great to see a new great expansion with vampire coast units. We even have maps like Bogenhafen or the old maps of V1 “Death on the Reik” that would be great for this faction, imagine watching a huge giant crab come out of the water in Bogenhefen coast!

It would be a perfect expansion with:

  • 3-4 maps + final boss
  • New faction
  • A new weapon for each hero (melee or range)
  • Pirate themed cosmetics

And if you add a new hero to all this … (dreams are free :P)



Daaaamn thats epic. Makes me wish they cared enough about PS4 or xbox to give us the chance to earn it. Maybe next year if the game lasts that long.

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Honestly I’d rather get a Vampire Counts enemy first. They would fit a lot better in all of the maps.


I like the Vampire Coast more, it´s a different and fun enemy. They also have a wide variety of enemies:

We could fight against young and arrogant vampire, we still haven’t had any final female boss


Did someone say vampires?

Ah, miss Geneviève Dieudonné. Vampire Counts or Coast expansion better have my waifu.


Oh, I would like this.

Oh, I would also like her.

Oh-oh, and I would mostly like her.

BUT I would hate this one… Pirate theme isn’t our characters’ style/theme/lore.


I’d say that my favorite part is pirates/zombies/vamps as enemies, but the ally doesn’t ring a bell for me. Undead are just too awesome not to want to dismember!

Well, if you’re sticking to “theme” we have a very anti-undead/evil theme going on here, so having a Vampire ally would be outside of our current theme/style/lore.

Plus, part of what makes certain players stick around is their ability to feel comfortable/have fun with their specific character content. I, for one, love to see another player be able to feel goofy and have fun (a pirate hat, for instance) while I’m fully-plated Kruber.

Whatever makes the people happy :slight_smile:


After all, none of this will be implemented in the game. This simply exceeds capabilities of FS. Haven’t you gotten bored yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, but I don’t agree… A game can’t please everyone because it has an identity, and we all have different tastes. Vermintide has a lore. Our characters belong to precise factions, we can’t dress them like units belonging to other (probably enemies) factions. Exactly how we can’t dress them like Fortnite’s soldiers.

Can’t we give them garb reasonable to what Warhammer has elected is reasonable for many of its characters?

Mercenary Kruber might be a company leader of pirates on the River Reik, sailing up and down it as a form of transportation/ease of looting against opposing factions. Kerillian is as much a theif/rogue to the Humans as a goblin is (murdered a bunch of people at Hoggart’s Bridge, that Nuln regiment… remember?) so she could easily have elvish sailing garb and still fit into character. Dawi just look like armored Dawi anywhere they are, so a bit of sailing garb on the world-travelling Dawi Ranger wouldn’t be out of place. Saltzpyre has likely seen more than just the Empire as a Witch Hunter and probably has mementos from his travels abroad, pirate’s garb likely among it.

I think that you’re implying that the garb will be flamboyantly pink and neon-orange (like Fortnite), but you can have a brown/black tricorn hat or a maroon-red sash or baggier grey/white pants and still fit in well to the Empire.

Even so, I don’t see how you can justify a vampiric ally but not be able to justify a pirate-y outfit for Kruber. For every lore-based-argument that supports a vampiric ally there can easily be a matching lore-based-argument for pirate garb.




@Torantolis I don’t know, man, maybe we have a different idea about what a pirate dress is. Without doubt, for certain careers, it could be easier. Shade could be dressed like the typical killer of dark alleys near the harbor… or WHC, thanks his blind eye and his hat, already has a kind of pirate’s style, as @SrRaulCL shows us.

This is a compromise I can accept, but these clothes would not be real pirate’s dresses. And, mostly important, this compromise would be much harder for other careers, like WS, wich have a totally different style.

I don’t know how you believe pirates dressed, but to my understanding they’re just sailors wearing hats that were popular at the time. @SrRaulCL’s examples for Ol’ Saltzy is fantastic looking and very piratey (if a little heavily equipped… I imagine an Imperial sailor would only wear all of that hogwash if they intended for their victims to fight back).

Elves don’t need to have historical (real life) or human pirates garb; that can be entirely made up either way so we can’t say it wouldn’t look in-character for her. Kruber/Sienna just need some ruffles and a tricorn hat or two while Bardin could look great is some brighter colors and baring some chest-hair.

It doesn’t mean that everyone needs an eye-patch or that everyone needs a peg-leg, just fit them a little better and make it look like they’d be comfortable on a ship 300 days a year. Boom: Piratey!


Well yes, with some careers like WHC, it’s very easy to create pirate’s clothes. AKA: I would totally accept a skin as the one shown by above image. Apart this, I guess we have just different opinions, because I can’t still imagine a good pirate-like dress for certain other careers.

Anyway my point is: more skins/hats we have, more this game becomes better… until our characters’ style is kept. If there are some pirate clothes wich allow this… I will be very happy to have them.

Game type like Vermintide 2 yearn for Undeads (zombies, skeletons etc. ), nothing better for immersion in survival game than being overrunned by hungry party of zombies.

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lol she kinda looks like mena survari

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