Upon closing V2, Easy Anti-Cheat crashes. Next time V2 Launched game files corrupted

Ever since I installed V2 (over a year go), some times when I close the client Easy Anti-Cheat pops up with a message in the application tray saying it crashed/closed expectantly.

Now for the last month, some times when I launch V2 to play, it says a game file is corrupted and require me to re-validate the game files via steam. Steam usually finds the game map file I tried to load corrupted.

I’ve disabled all mods and played for that a bit and the corrupted game file still occurs. I’ve scanned for viruses with different AV software and they found nothing.

I also play Warframe, Borderlands 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands and a few other games frequently and V2 is the ONLY game I have ever had “corrupted” files on.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m glad I posted here. The responses really helped me out! /s

We’re incredibly busy at the moment, for urgent stuff it’s best to reach out to the support channels (fatshark.se/support).

This is usually caused by anti-virus software chewing on the game files - for whatever reason. Which AV do you use, maybe we can reproduce this.

Thanks for your response.

I have no AV installed becaue it interferes with things like easy anti-cheat.

I have also had the drive scanned by kasperky and avg and no viruses were found.

This is the ONLY game out of 20+ that has this problem.

Yea I started having the same problem since the new patch, i think it messes the vcredist files, I did a clean uninstall, removed everything in my computer related to vermintide reinstalled the Vcredist files and it worked for a short time, I got rid of the unbearable lag but after i closed the game and started it back up again the files were corrupted again resulting in immense lag making the game unplayable .

Understood. We know it’s an issue with the game in particular, and are working to identify the cause. A lot of players who experience similar issues happen to be using BullGuard protection so that’s our current lead. If you’re not using anti-virus I’m not sure what’s next to suggest but we are still looking in to all the reports of this, so hopefully the eventual solution will work for you as well.

What is “BullGuard”?

So, last night after playing V2 for 3 hours, I closed the game and this popped up:


The previous day, after finishing a map at the post game stats screen I got the following error:

Mind you, the game would still run fine. Until I closed this window by pressing “OK” and it then it crashed.

So tonight, the first thing I did was “verify integrity” of the game files. I then played one game of legend. Went to start another quickplay, and then got the “this game is un-trusted” message…

The files are getting corrupted while I play the game.

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