[PC] File Corruption

Basically. I get corruption crashes every five minutes its starting to get very old. I have 80 hours in this game, it has definitely gotten worse. I get both corruption issues and EAC Issues. I’m assuming they’re related in some way. The corruption issues are basically just perpetual. Like on launch, in the game, in the menu’s. It just basically just dies all the time, always a different file corrupted.

Yes, I have verified integrity, over 150 times this week. It never comes back with missing files. I have restarted steam, I have run steam as admin, I have disabled ingame overlay. I do not have issues with my RAM, I game on much more intensive games than this on a regular basis. No I do not have a HardDrive issue. The game has been installed on 3 different harddrives now. SSD’s and Sata. Its getting very tiring. Yes, I have reinstalled. Yes I have deleted and reinstalled EAC, I have removed the Beta cache’s. I’ve tried everything now. My Drivers are all up to date, I am running an AMD Card. I don’t really know what is left to try on my end at this point. Its a fundamental issue with the game.

If i get verify integrity as a response I think I’ll pull my hair out. I have done this so many times I think even steam is getting fed up of doing it. Its not resulting in any positive action. I should not be left to rely on this. Frankly it isn’t helping at all so if that’s the response, leave it out please guys.

GUID: bc9ee639-6b4e-479c-bea8-70b3421d4c6a
Log File:
Info Type:

Could your Anti-Virus or Firewall programs be interfering perhaps? Do make sure the appropriate exceptions are in place for both Vermintide 2 and Easy Anti-Cheat.

Also, please ensure your RAM sticks are running at the same speeds. You can check this via the Command Prompt with the command wmic memorychip get speed

The speeds listed should all be the same, e.g:


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