Vermintide keeps crashing

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Game keep’s crashing and send me to verify integrity of files in steam

Hi @Kubek2000

It appears that your Vermintide 2 installation is incomplete or corrupted. If verifying file integrity isn’t helping we consider this to be persistent data corruption, which can unfortunately occur for a number of reasons. I recommend running through all of the potential solutions listed here:

Let us know how you get on.

Hey i writing to you now because i actually forgot i write to you bot few days there was no problem with vermintide but it started crushed again and i think why i think it;s problem with easyanit cheat but i;m not sure chow to do it like you sat remove certificates files but i’m not sure how if it will be possible can you write me how to do it?

Hi @Kubek2000,

Could you please provide a new crash report?

Also, if you could screenshot and post any errors shown to you on screen that would be helpful :slight_smile: thanks!

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