Game crashing loading after fatshark logo

GUID: 76b9aa2b-a305-4083-9d55-1f59ecf57a00
Log File:
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I have tried verifying integrity of game files, putting the game executable and launchers into nvidia control panel, updated my gpu drivers, been happening for a few days even after today’s update.

Can someone help me please?

Hi @Raitsume,

It appears that your Vermintide 2 installation is incomplete or corrupted.

In cases where the errors continue after using the Verify Integrity of Game Files option, we consider it to be persistent data corruption - which can, unfortunately, occur for a number of reasons.

I recommend running through other solutions here:

those fixes didn’t work for me but a fresh install did. Thanks for the reply tho.

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Glad to hear you resolved the issue! :slight_smile:

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