Vermintide 2 crashes at random

Hello i’ve had for a while now that my game crashes at random and tells me to verify the game files.
if i ignore the prompt it will crash me on launch. But when i verify my gamefiles and repair easyanticheat it will do the exact same after a couple of hours of gameplay…

GUID: 26b9af40-0682-40b9-a587-97d4d8264fca
Log File:
Info Type:

In cases where the errors continue to occur even after using the Verify Integrity of Game Files option, we consider it to be persistent data corruption - which can unfortunately occur for a number of reasons.

We have a list of solutions in the article here, which we’ve created based on what’s worked for players in the past:

Well i ran the tests and there seemed to be nothing wrong…
and the crashes kept happening
However i bought the last 2 DLCs i was missing and it seemed to have resolved the issue.
it stopped crashing, i hope this information is of use.

How bizarre! Thank you - I appreciate the information.

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