Update Feedback 4.6

Dear fatshark!

  1. Added Melee Camera Movement:
    I liked it very much! But when switching weapons, the camera shakes.
  2. Added Detailed UI:
    Poor functionality compared to the mod (there is a lack of Natural Bond display, a talent for healing allies and other features). It also incorrectly displays CD ults and health when an ally falls.
    The map selection menu is filled with a bunch of unnecessary information (number of grimoires and books, careers completed …)
    Offering to add the ability to host.
    Also add more additional information to the post-battle stats screen (for example, fire on allies).
  3. Added Kill Confirm Crosshair, Enhanced Friendly Fire Crosshair / Hit Marker - approve.
  4. Added Social Wheel Emotes:
    I liked it very much, not animated and not enough, BUT a nice innovation)
  5. Added Manage Career Inventory, Added Equipped Items on Other Careers, Added Bot Prioritization - approve.
  6. Added Persistent Ammo Counter - approve (sorry it doesn’t work now).
  7. Added Clear Deeds…It would be better if they introduced crafting!!! It also does not fix the inventory overflow problem!
    8.Added Streamlined Weapon Upgrades - I liked the quick application of illusions and their inspection, as well as their pool.
  8. Added new Grudge Mark - variety is good.
  9. Balance changes - Tastes differ.

Results: I liked a lot, but it needs a lot of polishing.
! The biggest disappointment is that cosmetics still take up space in the inventory!!!
! Give the opportunity to complete the challenges of the first season!
(tab where - go through different careers, different winds, kill the boss with the wind of magic).

P.s. I also expect the introduction of equipment presets for career and bots. It would be very helpful and nice.

It needs a downed state icon more than anything imo (like the white skull from mods).

Personally I enjoy the “unnecessary information” shown on a custom map selection. It’s also an incentive for me to complete cata with more characters (for example I haven’t beaten cata nurgloth with every character).

It shows a hero, not a career - useless information, even for an achievement. Like a set of books (which do not participate in the tests). So she doesn’t really need it.

Okri’s book already exists for all this, as well as for your incentive)
As a beginner, you’ll love it.

If they wanted to do an integration (progress tracking) from Okri’s book, they could try something more elegant.

This is just my opinion ****)

There’s nothing in Okri’s book requiring you to finish cata as character X, actually. And I think it’s a good idea to have one for each hero, rather than every career. First because with 20 careers the interface would be an insane mess, and second because that’d be 440 different cata missions, which is more than I’d care to do. I’m fine with how it is now.
Plus, unlike HUD, it’s not like that info is taking up space which should be used for more useful info.
I mean they could spice it up with further stats, but it’s quite a low priority in my opinion. It’s just a minor addition with few drawbacks I can think of.

Good thing of Patch was the sister rebalance. Shade nerfs (and these disgusting new sounds) and drastical MFB nerfs were a step in the wrong direction and took fun out of the game.

The sounds are great. I love them.

I like this a lot. It looks just perfect. It is even better than it was with the mod. :slight_smile: