Feedback for Fatshark on WOM from longtime player

Thank you for the update/DLC.

There are some things that I wish were different, and your decision to go with a MMO/wow-like grind with the weaves is greatly disappointing. It might work for the rest of the fan-base I guess but I doubt it will keep my attention. Aside from that, I appreciate the new map and weapons.

A couple of observations:

The hyperdensity fix is nice so far, but I do feel like I am taking a lot more unavoidable pokes for some reason. I cant pin it down yet as to whether its just a matter of getting used to the adjustments again (with the dodge changes etc) or if some enemies are hitting through stagger. The new salt bilhook weapon in particular seems to have some moments where things just don’t take a hit when you think they will.

DOUBLE SPAWNS. It’s not a feature. Its a problem. I know that sometimes two of the same thing can spawn separately, but I very regularly get two of each type of special spawned as a pair showing up at the same moment on audio and slamming into the group at the exact same moment as well. When you get a double leach or double pack rat, on top of an area denial special double spawn, like a pair of gas rats or blightstormers, in the middle of a swarm, it can be a frustration and takes away from the game.

Bumping our ult modifiers out to the new level 35 tier to make room for a generic stagger selection in the talent tree is super annoying. I was excited for something new down beyond the ult modifier. Instead I have to re-unlock the tier that I already had. This was one of the most disappointing first impressions of WOM. Why even raise the level cap if you are just going to insert a generic mechanic. Instead maybe something with a little flash?

The lack of “flash” or excitement is also pretty obvious in the rewards. Yay - more commendation chests. Barf. No new cool tier gear etc, but I guess instead I can go grind reworked pieces of reused levels in weaves for brand starting over bleh weapons. This sounds like work rather than play.

On a weapon-specific note, the 2h sword (krub/salt) did not appear to get tweaked much from what I saw in the patch notes. It is a lot of fun up through champ, but IMO it was already a bit lacking in stopping power for Legend. Exe got buffed so not sure why the 2h did not see any adjustments, especially with a harder mode being added. On a second performance note for the 2h sword, its cleave against beastmen at least for me, performs very poorly compared to even some 1h weapons unless you are on merc.

These are some of my observations after a few rounds in WOM, and I am sure plenty of people will have differing thoughts. Hopefully some of this resonates.




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