What I like about the WoM

I only played a few hours last night and we (pre-made) only experienced mod-related crashes except for once/twice. Same guy crashing when pinging enemies as host.

Forum is blowing up, as expected, but it’s so much negativity. I played through the new map and a couple of the lord maps on Legend difficulty and it certainly takes some getting used to but it’s overall very enjoyable. Book locations on Dark Omens aren’t ludicrous (read: Horn of Magnus), experienced legend pre-mades are getting rekt on legend and there is actually a lore-connection between the weaves and the new map (a connection which I haven’t fully explored yet).

If I were to write anything negative about it, the first thing that comes to mind is the re-use of Legend challenges on Cataclysm difficulty, because that’s just boring.
This is, of course, taking into account that we as a player base need to get used to the new mechanics, it’s a pre-release/beta state, and that I take it for what it is and not for what it would ideally be to me personally.

So far so good and good job on actually finishing a couple of weaves with a full dev team on stream last night (very surprised)! :smirk:


I enjoyed new faction a lot because beastmen actually feels nothing like other 2 factions. And I like some of new talents that actually make me choose. That’s it so far, because I didn’t quite explored everything that dlc offers.

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It’s hard to separate WoM from 2.0, but if I try to focus only on WoM content:

I like the idea of beastmen, but the implementation feels poor. They seem really glitchy and pretty imbalanced compared to the rest of the enemies.

The new map is pretty to look at, but combat in this game has always been pretty bad on non-flat terrain, and there’s a lot of non-flat terrain in the new map. Also, the entire map is basically just one long narrow corridor; the actual gameplay is pretty dull. And the finale event is severely underwhelming.

Weaves are… maybe nice as a change-of-pace smaller gameplay session? I’m not sure. Pretty disappointing that the major content addition is pretty much inaccessible to anyone not playing with a pre-made group.

Cata is pretty meh to me. That one I don’t know how to separate from the 2.0 combat changes, which I do not like at all.