Please direct me to the main game servers back from the current beta

Dear Fatshark developers,

since two days I have somehow access to the beta test of the WoM expansion. The state of the beta version is for me unfortunately no fun at all. The design ideas you present needs serious overhauls, the balance changes careful reconsideration and months of testing to become polished. I would like to not be part of this process - at least not as of today given the complexity of introduced issues and bugs of all criticalities. It is simply too much to detangle the core problems for me to provide helpful feedback in your beta development. You didn’t even had the time to address the most elementary interface deficiencies, such as numerical values for ammo, life or information of teammates. I would happily remain patient by waiting until the final, stable and polished version is matured which I can enjoy as an awesome extension of the splendid game which I played until end of last week.

In the mean time, since I am not your employed tester but your customer, I would like to go back to the release version of VM2. Could you please highlight, where I can get back to the core, production game version as of last week? Which option do I have to change? I somehow do not spot the button to leave the beta realm, apologies for that…


P. S. Somehow, I find the classification “Expansion” misleading. You propose as the main innovation a new game in a game without any link to the old, base content (except the 5 characters reoccur with the same weapon choices, except the WoM weapon - at least for my elf, I cannot select this marvelous spear and shield). This does not make very much sense to me, to be honest. Adding one map, 5 weapons and annihilating all game play, item and enemy understanding experience without providing tools or numerical data to adapt, is a bit thin and underwelming as an expansion in my view. Indeed, the last 10 hours in my almost 1,200 hours are close to the worst I had in this game, at least since last August. I do not see, how I can deduce from failures adaptions to my game play. In particular, you have annihilated my favourite build: 1h axe, swiftbow (ult regen on crit), temp hp and damage on crit, tmp hp on ult build. It was versatile, dynamic, flexible with a few weaknesses, but great fun on legend. Now, it cannot create a single dip of temp hp, it only sucks, even the majority of talents is non-appealing!


You can’t they throwed beta on live server, now you can only wait till they patch this mess. I would gladly same wait for polished product and then buy it but we can’t



I’m getting us out of here…

Too late, we’re caught in a tractor beam.


Dammit, FS, could you please consider publishing a retro dlc/lobby browser option, which allows to play the game exactly as it was one week ago, i. e. when it was fun? Since items have not been touched meaningfully, there would be no issue with a shared item pool between those two play modes as of now…


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