More Comunication Needed from FS

Hello again Fatshark Development team.

I know you have a lot of work and we are a lot of people asking things, talking about this and that.

But, i feel like, and It has been told allready, would be great to have more information about what you guys are doing and what are your plans. I mean, patch notes are good, but i feel, as you said, that there are more changes done that you dont told at all to people. And i really feel that sometimes some maps, dificultys and classes changes from a patch to another patch. Since i dont know at all what has been changed, i cant tell that something really changed cause i cant compare since i dont know the truth.

That makes reporting bugs really hard in some cases.

I know your “plans” from the next months. Like implementing own servers, new maps, etc… I really would like to see what are you working now at, like when you were working hard on Skittergate. Would be nice that the comunity, not only players, but those who come to this forums have feedback of what you are working now and what are your priorities. We know you cant do all at the same time, and you have to go by steps working on most important issues, the the rest.

But i think comunity really feel that they need some attention of what are you putting on the top of your main problems. May I be wrong and you allready do it on twitter or other channel. Well, since this is the forum where i have been since the beta and preorder, I believe a lot of people follows you on this channel and need that information.

For ending, I really appreciate your work and all the hours you gave me for playing this game. i always dreamed with something like this with the lore of warhammer. And you got tons of points that make this game amazing. I would love to see and have the feeling, which i have and dont want to lose, that you work on this game like if it where your baby. And you want to share it with us. Please, comunicate with us, tell us what you are doin and what you are working on. We trust on you.

Once i knew V2 was being made, i preordered the game without doubt. Cause i really think when people do a good job and work hard on it, they have to be recompensed. I want to keep that, and i want you to become a greate group making amazing games. Keep the good job, and dont stop listning to us the comunity, cause we will care of you if you care of us.

Thank you.

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